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The wheels of progress turn slowly….Accu Trax style

Been waiting on these pups coming back from my friendly neighbourhood Frame Builder Dave Yates who was turning them from threaded to threadless steerer for me. I used his Priority Book Ahead system to ensure I had a slot and they wouldn’t sit around his place waiting to get done and it was perfect, in fact they contacted me over a week before my slot was due to tell me they had completed my work

I’m gonna be getting them powder coated in a new colour so I’m on the lookout for someone local who can colour match powder…..and quickly!!

The planets are slowly coming into alignment on this little project finally

Give it to me hard and rigid baby….

In 1997 Pace designed the F6, it was another iteration in a long line that went back to the RC100 in 1988/89. That year they also brought out the RC36 Pro Class suspension fork, probably the best suspension fork ever designed by Pace. Supposedly it matched the frame (in that the frame was suspension corrected for this fork) but I have always thought that is was slightly on the long side (axle to crown – 450mm), making the front end light/twitchy.

So…..boredom and experimentation reared it’s head and I ripped off the RC36’s on my F6 and replaced them with a second generation RC30 (axle to crown – 400mm) and the bike rides so much better. Obviously the ride is harsher, Pace’s are a hard ride anyway, let alone fixing them up with a fully rigid front end

The RC30’s look very nice on the frame too, due to their chrome plating and go nice with my King Ti headset

Yes I know my hoses need trimming….

Old Metal, Cool bikes

Here is my RetroBike buddy Bas from Amsterdam’s Blog site, it is all about the Retrobike addiction we suffer from. He is currently building a very nice white Serotta Ti-Max.

Also check the rest of his blog, there are some lovely bikes and cool articles there…particularly an EWR article written by my ‘virtual EWR buddy’ from Florida, James

Honey I wrecked your seat collar

Pronunciation [sak-ruh-lij]

1. the violation or profanation of anything sacred or held sacred.
2. an instance of this.
3. the stealing of anything consecrated to the service of God.

Hunting down and stealing parts from under the noses of a brace of Fat Chance collectors on eBay is always good fun. Throwing said part in an acid bath as soon as it arrives from the USA could probably be called sacrilege or blasphemy of the highest order

Trouble is I need a black one and NOT a turquoise one, so it got it’s ass dipped then sent along to the anodisers for its new coat. It came back looking cool.



Sacrilege or just getting a job done?

Dances with Wolves

Based on the fact that I’m typing this I still have all my fingers and toes…..The goats went to walk with the wolves and indeed it was cool…

First up was some history, then some serious Do’s and Don’ts about how to behave when we were with the wolves, then we were off across the fields with two wolves. These things are VERY strong and kinda go where they want to go and everybody else follows !!

When we got back we had to go into the enclosure and hide food under heavy logs, bury it, fix it to the fence etc, then they let the wolves back in and amazingly quickly they go forage for it.

I sat and watched Cheza the Alpha Male crunch his way through a whole rabbit in a matter of seconds

Loads of photo ops were available all through the visit, here is just a few….

Thanks to all the handlers and staff at the Anglian Wolf Society for a great visit

Pennsylvania Steel – Eastern Woods Research

I have a big bunch of bike projects and I’m slow at building them, something I get ridiculed about at RetroBike .

To make things worse I recently picked up my ‘Dream Bike’ a 1994 Eastern Woods Research – Original Woods Bike.

The EWR has now pushed itself to the front of the queue and is consuming most of my spare time hunting down parts.

This is the bare frame… this space for updates.

Walking with Wolves

This weekend I am going walking with Wolves…..yup, real ones with long legs and teeth.

The guys from The Anglian Wolf Society have it organised.

If I don’t get my ass eaten i will post up some pix on Monday of the adventure.

About AWS:
Society was founded in 1999 by Phil Watson in collaboration with Runar Naess,
one of Scandinavia’s top canine behaviourists. Phil has a Post Graduate
Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Dog Training from Middlesex University. We began planning to construct
our own site to offer homes to zoo surplus wolves during the spring and summer
of 2000. We became a Company Limited by Guarantee (non-profit company) in
September 2000 and began building our site over the winter of 2000/2001. We
acquired our first wolf cubs in spring 2001 from a surplus litter born in a
centre in southern England.

We spent most of the year 2001 raising our cubs and developing our site
(with private funding) and only started facing the public in December 2001 when
we began the process of building membership and making contact with overseas
conservation projects which we now raise funds for.

Within the Society, the core group – which runs our site and looks after
our wolves – operates on a consent and majority basis; a bit like a family.
There is no rank within the Society; there are no ‘job-titles’, no ‘managers’,
no committees and no politics. There is a special place in our Society for
ideology – it is round, about 18 inches high and emptied twice a week. We have a company resolution
that states that we will not compromise the cause of wolf conservation by
indulging in competetive, abusive or defamatory behaviour towards other wolf
conservation groups (even though some indulge in it regularly against each other
and occasionally against us as well). Our site is manned and the wolves watched
over 24 hours a day.


Problem Solver…literally

So you have an old bike that was built before Top Pull front mechs were invented or you have a bike that has weird cable routing and you need to run a BP mech but your bike has no cable stop on the down tube……TURMOIL !!

Well, not anymore because this cool little thing will get you out of a hole while you track down that esoteric Period Correct part to to the job properly.

Enter the Problem Solvers Backstop

Get one from HERE

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