Peace, Tranquility and F-16’s…

Duty calls and it was time to ‘do the right thing’ and take Mrs Billy Goat away for our anniversary…..three weeks of Pin The Tail On The Donkey later and we settle on this idyllic resort tucked up in a pine forest in downtown Yalanci Bogaz, Türkiye.

All the boxes were ticked:

Child Free Resort – Tick
All Inclusive – Tick
Peace and Quiet – Tick
F-16’s running bombing missions into Syria…..Huh?

Yep, you guessed it… vacation all year and we pick the ONE WEEK when Syria starts throwing its toys over the fence and the Turkish Military’s patience finally wears thin……cue Syrian Radar Positions being targeted while we were (ironically) lounging around at an area in this place called The Relax Pool 🙂

This is NOT what you should see while chilling at the pool on vacation:

Huh F-16's ??

The rest are actual shots of the place, plus a bona fide Turkish Bath (yep we had one like the proper pale tourists that we were posing as….) and some cheesy seafront shots from the nearest town.

Hosçakalin 🙂

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