Stop The Pigeon

I’m not a violent person and these days I go out of my way to avoid killing anything that walks, crawls, flies or slithers but every now and again there is an unavoidable situation….and this was one.

I do a LOT of miles in my car, most weeks 500+ and on this occasion a 1000+ miles in one week and I never engage in any acts of roadkill, in fact wild things rarely even try and sacrifice themselves so I should consider myself lucky. This is a good thing as the front of my car has now been rebuilt several times..

Anyway’s I was on the home commute, doing round 80mph when this Wood Pigeon (Brainus Smallus) tries to take my Astra on, suffice to say it was all over rather quickly and the view in my rear view mirror looked like someone had just put a King Size duvet through a garden shredder…!!

When I got home I discovered the full extent….pieces of skull wedged in small crevices with pieces of flesh still attached…..brains all over my bumper, bird crap on the splitter and feathers?….well EVERYWHERE in the engine bay, in my AC radiator, my coolant radiator.

Two hours of hot water, Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II and Dodo Juice Tropical Red Mist later and you would never know I played Stop The Pigeon

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