EWR Project – Phase Eight….tweaks & eBay scoreage

No Sunday ride today, just some minor tweaks on my Woods Bike. I’ve been having problems with shifts to the granny ring, the Front Mech has been throwing the chain…..turns out to be a schoolboy error, I had the granny ring on the wrong way round

If you look at the picture below you can see the profile of the ring is raised on one side and I had it fitted the other way, closing the gap between the middle ring just enough for the chain to ‘miss’ the ring when down shifted from middle, I switched this round and tweaked the stop adjustment and its near perfect.

SGX Granny ring showing profile

Previously fitted…..wrong !!

Got a good result on eBay recently, a pair of NOS M-650 DX hubs, complete with Quick Release skewers for £15 . A fellow RetroBiker in the USA assisted with getting these to me as the US seller wouldn’t ship out of America. These are gonna get laced to the Campag Mirox in place of the black LX hubs I have on there now.

Mmmmmm…..NOS hubs

  1. What would i do without this website,and utah dog.EWRs rock.

  2. Thanks for your comments, do you own an EWR?

  3. Would love to but funds dont allow at the moment.I live in G.B aswell ,is yours the only one in this country.Another question,is your ewr the one on flickr.com.

  4. DX Rules the world.

  5. yeah I have the only one in the UK as far as I know.
    I didn't put mine on Flickr, maybe someone else did, do you have a link please?
    Have you been to RetroBike.co.uk? (There are 3 more EWR's there)

  6. It is on Bundobikers photos which i think is Jay de jesus.Was he the original owner?If so your bike has SOME serious history!!,but i think that you mentioned that.

  7. Ahhh THAT yellow EWR….that's not mine, nor was that one Jay's…..mine has a cool story but not ready to tell that tale yet 😉

  8. This pdf search engine maybe very useful, because all the index files are only in pdf format.

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