Being upfront pays off…

So you guys and girls all know the score….Xmas/Thanksgiving comes along, family and friends all do that “Hey, what do you want for a present?” thing, you Ummm and ahhh, suck air through your teeth…say “Hmmmm, I dunno” and weeks later unwrap something mundane like aftershave, nasty socks, wine you wouldn't pour on a skunk, a hideous sweatshirt….you get the idea

So this year I decided to be more assertive, I needed a bunch more bike and DIY tools so I assembled a wishlist of tools, added the exact Part Numbers, prices and web site addresses and stepped away, telling people to “Please be precise, or fallback on the skunk wine/socks route…”

Et Voila….it worked

Santa Claus brought me:

I'm one happy goat….everybody wins

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