Home Theatre Makeover Project 3

I didn’t really want to without studying all the documentation and pondering over it for a while (I’m a bit like that ) but I dived into this on Friday night and got everything lashed together then proceeded to run the Audyssey 2EQ ‘room calibration’ routine on the Onky.

Audyssey 2EQ is used to counter distortion created by walls, furniture, and other objects. This technology detects speaker distance, and then sets levels, delays, and crossovers, while also measuring room acoustics so your speaker system is set up for your specific room. Following from this while you are using the Onky to watch TV, movies etc it uses Audyssey Dynamic EQ to make constant correctional tweaks to the output.

Stunning technology but not if you overlook one small thing. If you are using a 5.1 system then you must ensure you wire up your rear speakers to the Surround Left and Surround Right outputs instead of the Surround Back Left and Surround Back Right Outputs (which would be the logical ones to use ), if you don’t do this then Audyssey 2EQ will throw a Speaker Detect Error which basically means you’re stuffed .
It took me several frustrating hours to find this out so basically I didn’t get the damn thing working until Saturday night. Everything is now roughly in place while I figure out where to actually put all the kit, here are some pix

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