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If you can cast your mind back to February when I bought these toys for my Home Cinema, you might recall me talking about an issue I had with the Kef KUBE-2 Subwoofer….or maybe I never posted this up here .

Anyway, there is a fairly well known issue with Onkyo AV Receivers and KEF Subs, maybe other subs too (just try Googling ‘Kef Kube red light issue’) so I’ve been suffering with this for a few months. Basically you turn all the kit on, the Kef KUBE-2 sits there with a red light on it (not working!!) and about 20 minutes later it realises its purpose in life and starts delivering the deep rumbling bass it was designed to do. I roughly understood what was happening but I didn’t know how to fix it….basically the KUBE-2 was consuming lots of signal and the Onky amp wasn’t giving it what it needed.

Me being lazy just posted up a question on an internet AV forum and forgot about it after adding it to my ‘chores list’. You see, I have a Zen like approach to my chores list, just like every self respecting male should have. My chores list just ‘Is’ (If you have Zen figured then you will understand this phrase ), things appear on the list (normally added my Mrs Billy Goat !) and they just ‘are’ .

Eventually someone replied to my post and this is the official line from KEF:

In the test tone menu of your AV receiver, set the subwoofer output to
maximum, then you can come out of the AV receiver’s menu.

On the back of the subwoofer itself, set the crossover to maximum and
put the volume at a level which you are comfortable with as some people
prefer a bass heavy setup, but some prefer it more subtle, at the end of
the day it is personal preference. Set the phase to either 0 or 180,
whichever sounds the loudest. The ‘Bass Boost’ switch is also down to
personal preference and room conditions. What it will do is give you
either a flat response through the subwoofers frequency range, or give
you a raise of +6db or +12db at around 40hz.

This should then stop your subwoofer from going into standby as the
signal output from the AV receiver will be higher.

On the Onkyo 607 OSD  menu’s you go to Speaker Setup>Level Calibration, scroll down to the sub and up the db (try starting at +10), then drop the volume on the KUBE-2 itself. Well, this works for sure, in fact the way I first had it set was
insane…the whole house was shaking

I’ll tweak the bass levels over the next few days and fine tune it but the problem is now finally over.

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