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No Sleep Til Hammersmith…..or Leicester even….

Non bike related blog post here…..me and Mrs Billy Goat had a Rock ‘n’ Roll Road Trip at the weekend and guess what?  We ain’t as young as we used to be and now we’re both tired

Drove down to London and parked up in Park Lane, took Mrs Billy Goat round Covent Garden and bought some of her Xmas presents (warning….don’t go in the UGG shop ), we then went round Seven Dials in Holborn (great shopping area!!) before heading back to our hotel room in the Barbican. That night we went across town to the Hammersmith Apollo to see Girlschool, The Damned and Motörhead. Girlschool were pretty lame but they did do Please Don’t Touch and Lemmy came on for this…
The Damned played a ‘greatest hits’ type set, opening with New Rose and ending with Smash It Up, an unexpected nicety along the way being a cover of the MC5’s Looking At You. I’m not a massive Damned fan but they can still ‘do the business’ as they say.

Motörhead were not the best I’ve ever seen them and the sound at Hammersmith was pretty lame for some reason but they did a fairly good set (apart from the guitar and drum solo’s…)

Set List:

Iron Fist
Stay Clean
Be My Baby
Over The Top
One Night Stand
I Got Mine
Guitar Solo
The Thousand Names of God
Cradle to the Grave
In The Name Of Tragedy (Drum Solo…)
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power
Shoot ’em Down (Twisted Sister cover)
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death

Whorehouse Blues
Ace Of Spades

Photograph: © Clemens Bilan/AFP/Getty Images

Some cellphone YouTube footage of Ace Of Spades (not mine btw)

We stayed down in the Barbican overnight and called in to visit relatives in Hackney the next morning, before driving up to Leicester (Du Montfort Hall) to see Ian Brown on Sunday.
Brown was his usual arrogant/brilliant self and despite the fact that he cannot sing very well, soon had the virtual capacity crowd eating out of his hand as he delivered a great set taking in material from most of the old albums and encoring with The Stone Roses Fools Gold.

The crowd went wild and got so drunk so fast the security staff closed the bar by 10pm

‘King Monkey’

250 miles, lots of cash, hotel rooms and five bands later we are VERY tired

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