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A Sprinkling Of Clouds

So you have your Synology NAS box setup with all your goodies on it, then you realise you could also backup all your junk from your Laptop, PC etc. to it as well (which is a good idea).

I’ve been doing this for years but using Synology Data Replicator 3 but running it in sync mode and triggering it manually. As good as it is it’s not as elegant as another Synology solution called Cloud Station.

This is what they sell as ‘Hit Save, and It’s Everywhere’:

If you own multiple devices, Cloud Station is perfect for you to have files synced automatically to all of them. Your work will always be up to date among Mac, PC, and mobile devices. Files are always accessible via web and Cloud Station folders on your local computers.

  • Maximum file size: sync files of up to 10GB size
  • Enjoy speedy file transfer when your client device and DiskStation are in the same local area network (LAN)
  • Get mobilized: use the free mobile app, DS cloud, to have your files stay in-sync on mobile devices, even for offline viewing

So, semi snowed in and bored this weekend I set about setting up..

Start by creating a backup account for each device you want to backup to the NAS

Then create Shared Folders for each of the locations you want backed up

Then go and enable Cloud Station.

Add the users you created earlier in Privileges

Go into Sharing in Cloud Station and share out the Shared Folders you created earlier (yes its dumb but you have to do it twice…)

Then install the Windows Cloud Station Client on each PC you want backing up, pick the account you created for the relevant folder sets and point them to the right place on your PC. The folders have to be empty to start with for some stupid reason so in my case I created a ‘FolderName2’ for each of the folders I wanted to sync, moved everything into them, pointed Cloud Station at the original folders that I wanted synching and then moved everything back into them afterwards.

Then site back and wait (several days in my case) for everything to sync across to the Synology NAS.

Oh and it eats a bunch of CPU while its doing it 🙂

Cloud Station Client will just sit in your system tray once everything has done an initial sync and anytime you change stuff on your PC it will get synced across to your NAS automatically.

Cool eh?
It would be perfect if it didn’t have a maximum file size of 10GB (so basically all my big BluRay files don’t get backed up automatically but I can live with that…..I think)

A Black Box

This little side project is still ticking along and I’m sure you’re bored of waiting for updates but finally some news

I have decided to axe the original Server Cube that currently house my Media Center and go a bit more minimalist and sleek so I will be investing in one of these.

It’s about the same size as my Onkyo 607 so should sit under this just nicely

What this will allow me to do is build the new Home Theatre PC offline and more or less move it into place once its done.



More Power…!!

New delivery today, the CPU for my Media Center rebuild is here

W-A-Y too much power really for what I need but I’m not a patient person so the new system WILL go fast if it wants to or not

Next on the shopping list….a new chassis.

Geeky box shots…

Home Theatre Makeover Project 3

I didn’t really want to without studying all the documentation and pondering over it for a while (I’m a bit like that ) but I dived into this on Friday night and got everything lashed together then proceeded to run the Audyssey 2EQ ‘room calibration’ routine on the Onky.

Audyssey 2EQ is used to counter distortion created by walls, furniture, and other objects. This technology detects speaker distance, and then sets levels, delays, and crossovers, while also measuring room acoustics so your speaker system is set up for your specific room. Following from this while you are using the Onky to watch TV, movies etc it uses Audyssey Dynamic EQ to make constant correctional tweaks to the output.

Stunning technology but not if you overlook one small thing. If you are using a 5.1 system then you must ensure you wire up your rear speakers to the Surround Left and Surround Right outputs instead of the Surround Back Left and Surround Back Right Outputs (which would be the logical ones to use ), if you don’t do this then Audyssey 2EQ will throw a Speaker Detect Error which basically means you’re stuffed .
It took me several frustrating hours to find this out so basically I didn’t get the damn thing working until Saturday night. Everything is now roughly in place while I figure out where to actually put all the kit, here are some pix

Home Theatre Makeover Project 2

Sorry to all the Retro/Vintage bike lovers for posting another techy/geeky article, I promise there will be much more bike related stuff in the coming months, I just had to post an update on this long term project

Last time I chatted about getting a bunch of new kit and last night I fetched some nice new shiny toys from my local TNT depot. An online Pro Audio store called A-1 Sound are running a brilliant promotion on Onkyo/KEF bundles at the moment and I couldn’t say no to an offer that saved me £680.00 on the retail price and got me nearly everything I need to complete my project.

I scored myself an Onkyo TX-SR607 AV Receiver, a set of KEF 3005SE K2 Speakers, 40 meters of Chord Campana Speaker Cable, a 3 meter QED Sub Cable, a Chord 1 meter Supershield HDMI Cable and 2 x pairs of KEF HT3001 Satellite Speaker Stands.

The Chord Campana cable isn’t anything too flash but it is 40 strand Oxygen Free Copper and its light and flexible so will suit my particular installation for the time being and be better than the copper bell wire i’ve been using

This little lot weighed in at 61kgs and filled the back of my car, to give you an idea of scale the KEF speaker box below is about the size of an under counter fridge

The Onky was way bigger than I expected it to be so the original plans for sitting it atop the Media Center are no more so I’m contemplating getting something cool fabricated out of Lexan Polycarbonate and standing him on that instead, guess it will kind of ruin the vibe a bit but maybe not as I need something to balance up that big fat sub that’s about the same size as my Media Center.

Sadly this weekend is not going to be giving me much free time but tonight I will be making a start on assembling the speaker stands and measuring up cable runs……will keep you posted of any developments but in the meantime, here’s some pix of my new babies

Boys Toys

Heavyweight speaker stands..

More outputs than you can shake a stick at

Individually sewn soft cloth bags and styrene sandwiches….top packing!!

My (not so) ‘little babies’

Big Daddy – The K2 Sub that my neighbour’s are gonna hate

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