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Whilst doing our annual Xmas Cyber Shopping Marathon me and Mrs Billy Goat came across this product – MyLight Bed Light which is a neat, high tech way of lighting up your bedroom automatically, based on motion detection.
We were actually buying presents for other people at The Glow Company site where we bought a bunch of stuff last year and got majorly distracted by this gadget. To cut a long story short we sprang for a set and I got these installed at the weekend. Actually they are very cool (once you figure out the best placement for the mini PIR type sensors).

Currently ours are not quite right, it’s a trade off between getting the whole 120 degree sensor range so there’s no blind spots in your bedroom vs. having some intentional blind spots to cover moving duvet, random limbs hanging over edges of bed etc. The first night was half hilarity, half blind range when every single movement triggered the fecking PIR’s….

Fitting was very fast and easy and so far we left them on the default ‘on for 30 seconds’ setting.

Probably best explained by both these vids, courtesy of the manufacturer:

Their website is here:!home/mainPage
The Glow Company are here:

  1. Wow that’s pretty cool!! also checked their website turns out they also have one for closets! That’s the perfect gift for my girlfriend!!

  2. They are cool….ours are now working perfectly with the sensors just under each side of the bed and 2 feet away from back wall….works every time on default (30 seconds)

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