This is for when the Föhn Wind rattles the telegraph wires like a handful of bones…

Apologies for ‘Going Dark’ for the last few weeks… has been a tiring and stressful time full of Terminal Illness, Hospices, Hospitals, thousands of miles driving and sadly a family funeral, I haven’t seen or touched a bike since the Thetford Forest Ride

Lots of other ‘hard stuff’ is also seeming to be rearing its head too so its been all energy focussed on these things recently and it really doesn’t feel like time to celebrate Xmas . Anyway, enough depressing bullshit, hopefully I might get out on the EWR next week (it’s my Birthday on Monday…Yaaaaay )

I’m negotiating on a set of Accu Trax forks in the correct size for the EWR so I can finally ditch the King Devolution Headset and nail the bar/stem height demon forever, I also now have some NOS Campagnolo Mirox to get laced to some NOS Shimano DX hubs so this bike is getting quite close to completion

  1. Just want to say Happy New Year, Neill!

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