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Fat Larry says Zoom…

The master plan has slipped timescale wise but it’s still intact….the Quiver IS being thinned out and I am gonna ‘Roll a fat one’ (so to speak), the fattie in question wears some REAL big rubber and when I say big I mean B-I-G.

A cyberbuddie of mine from the UK was out in Nevada recently with some spare luggage allowance and he agreed to bring one of these back for me (and one for himself) as at the time they were rare in America and totally unavailable in this country. (It’s not needed just yet but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity )

This is the Surly Larry, a front specific tyre for ‘you know what’ , the ‘other’ tyres are available here but they don’t really cut the mustard up front on a  ‘you know what’

Check out this fattie…….

I know I could have cleaned the Syncros beer glass (its only used to store decals in though) but I wanted something to show the sheer size of this bad boy…

(cue Acme Rolf
Harris accent
“Can You Tell What it is Yet?”


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