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Fat Bike caught on Electric Fence NSFW

Splitty for UtahDOG!

Hello interweb buddy in Florida this is for you…

Fire up your Super Villain Mainframe computers at One Utahdog Center and search the Interwebs for more info on Wayne Allman’s 1965 VW Splitty ‘Recovery Truck’ Mental Breakdown…..this thing RIPS

8.4 litre Keith Black Hemi V8 running on Methanol, shortened Top Fuel chassis….circa 2000 BHP 🙂

(@Photographers: If I have ganked your pix please let me know and I will credit you)

Mental BreakdownMental BreakdownMental Breakdown

One hundred and ninety…

Another 10,000 miles in the Cockroach…still not a squeak.

Target? 250,000 🙂

190,000 miles

eBay Out Door #2203

eBay says I completed my 2203rd transaction last week and I’ve sold £27,319.82 ($36004.78) of wares, so why is my house STILL full of junk?

Is it because as fast as unloved hoard pieces get sold they are immediately replaced by the latest object of desire in a never ending loop???…..could be !!

Recent departures….Kona Bash Ring, Worlds Longest Bar Ends (Profile XC Sierra), NOS Ringle Moby

Tip of the iceberg in the mahoosive ‘spares bin’

Kona Bash Ring

Kama The Surfing Pig

Pigs rank up there amongst the coolest animals (but naturally behind Aardvarks and Goats!!), this video is sick though…..enjoy

Oxford And Cambridge Goat Race 2014


Centuries of rivalry,
Years of training,
Two goats,
One Glorious Race!

Spitalfields City Farm, London E1.

Doors 12pm
Race depending on capricious tides sometime between 1pm and 5pm

Bill Ham Lightshow DVD (Kickstarter Project)

Bill Ham the ‘Grandfather of the Lightshow’ has started a Kickstarter Project to produce a DVD of his work.

Over the years Bill Ham has worked with pretty much all the rock legends of the last 50 years with what started in 1964 as Bill Ham Lights at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada and became the worlds first liquid lightshow.

He then went on to work in San Francisco at The Family Dog’s Avalon Ballroom run by Chet Helms and did lights for Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, The Charltans, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Sopwith Camel and 100’s of other bands.

Please support this project if you can and if you can’t then please pass on the details to anybody you know with an interest in Rock ‘n’ Roll history:

One Hundred and Eighty…!!

So…The Cockroach…the car that refuses to die, has rolled across the 180,000 mile mark without even a whisper.
He’s never broken down, is on the original clutch and most of the original exhaust. Sure he eats through ‘consumables’ like tyres, brake pads, oil, filters, sensors and is now on the second battery from new but other than that this is one neat car and I love it 🙂

180,000 miles


So, three years ago I built a Synology NAS box with 5.2TB of storage, enough to last any man you might say?

Well, guess what, it’s ran out of space….Meh!

Plans are afoot to build Deathstar Version 2.0, he is going to be a Synology DS1513+ and will have 5 x 4TB drives stuffed into him….watch this space.

Forgive me Father for I have sinned…

Just to set the scene….I am NOT what we call here in the UK a Boy Racer, I don’t tear-ass around racing people and ripping my tyres up like a testosterone filled kid but every once in a while I seem to screw up just a bit and get caught going ever so slightly faster than I should.
So in the UK we can have up to 12 Penalty Points on our Drivers License and after you hit the magic 12 you get banned from driving for 12 months (usually). There’s a bunch of different stuff you can do to accumulate these points, the more serious, the more points and if you want to see the full gamut then take a look here

So I managed to collect two of these guys over the last five years on something called an SP30 (Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road) and each time they fined me £60 ($99 in February 2014) and presented me with 3 points – So I had 6.

The points stay on your license for 4 years after which they get removed so my current two are in an overlap kind of situation and the oldest of the them is due to come off in September, but here’s the kicker…

01:01 AM a week or two ago I am driving back from a Monster Magnet gig and fail to spot an Average Speed Check Zone….I cruise through 95% of it at the required legal speed of 30mph but hit the gas in the last 100ft and boost the car to 44mph, blissfully unaware I had just triggered one of those new Siemens SafeZone Camera’s that are starting to spring up around the UK.

A week later the letter dropped through my letterbox and guess what, I had got another SP30 but this time the fine was £100 ($166) and I now had 9 points on my license, scarily close to 12 and Game Over.

I now have to drive like an old lady for at least the next six months until 3 points come off my license and make NO MISTAKES and to make sure I splashed for a Road Angel Gem+

This gizmo is connected by GPRS permanently and gets live updates every few minutes about EVERY single camera location in the UK and for total backup has a built in Laser Detector (not that you can survive such things really…) and this guy will squawk, holler and flash at me when I’m within 500ft of any camera, just in case I am not paying attention. So its a bunch of money to save my bacon for being such an asshole in the first place.

I may post up some further stuff about the device later in the year if its worthy of mention…

Road Angel Gem+

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