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Mystery Bike

This is a genuine request for help in identifying this bike. It’s steel, most likely the 531 as stated on the decals (it is ‘pingy’ steel and appears to be butted) and it is almost certainly British. What’s not sure is the framebuilder….is it a vintage Overbury’s, a very old Saracen or is it something a little more esoteric and bespoke?

It belongs to a fellow RetroBiker and is a very fine build indeed, check out the circa 1980 M700 Shimano Deer Head, the amazing Nitto stem and the H-U-G-E amount of space behind the seat tube

If you can positively ID this bike then contact me via Goatsurfer.com or via RetroBike


Resurrection Joe…

‘I said hep cats, sinners, brats
Suck on this for sunshine
This is the resurrection
Yea, of the good times
I said hep cats, sinners, brats
This is the resurrection
Yea, yea, yea, of the good times…’

No time to play recently but some hastily grabbed time allowed my first love to be rebuilt from the pile of parts that has been thrown in my shed for the last 8 months. It’s a shame to have such a nice bike all broke up so now its back up and running, alive an kicking….maybe one day I will get to take it out for a ride….

No more words….just lots of pictures…..enjoy


I know I am not supposed to buying, I am supposed to be selling but…………sometimes things come along that you just HAVE to have and some of these are just that, the rest are ‘just in case’ purchases (well, a man can’t have too many items of M650 DX laying around can he?……).

First things first, we have a NOS M650 DX Rear Mech in the most handy Long Cage version…just a ‘spare’ you know….

Secondly we have a used M650 DX Rear Mech, again in Long Cage flavour and great for spare parts or fitting to a beater.

Thirdly and getting cooler by the minute we have a set of Syncros Revolution cranks in Compact Drive……about bloody time too as I have spent embarrassingly large amounts of time trying to track one of these badboys down for my EWR and this will be among the final pieces of the jigsaw required to complete that project. They are missing a few items which is a bummer cos I’ll have to rob them from some of other sets of Revolutions but maybe I can live with that……just

Ok, now these ARE special. Firstly they are Answer Accutrax in 1 1/8″ flavour, something I have been hunting for since this time last year and only found these in California back in November. It took a while to piece the deal together but they have now arrived in the UK and I can set to work getting them ready for my EWR.

Maybe the cooler part of this story is these are technically NOS and…..wait for it…..hand made by Chris Herting only last year .

The story goes that he found a bunch of Accu Trax legs laying around in some dusty storage facility and word got out, he figured there might not be much demand but rumour has it the demand was HUGE and he set about making them up in ‘custom’ variations. This set have passed thru a couple of collectors hands before arriving at Goat Central but believe me, you can still smell the ‘new metal’ smell and they are spotless.

Naturally I will be sending these to my trusty painter soon to get them matched to my yellow EWR before getting them decalled up and fitted on the bike…..these are so cool and I am so pleased I finally got a pair

1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 2

Found the original rear mech that came with this bike back in 1991, this badboy has covered at least 10,000 miles and is still going strong

Then I found some spare cranks I had laying around and also an old 36t HyperGlide ring

And last but not least a saddle in……erm…..rather a distressed state

EWR Project – Yard Trauma

Ahhh the joys of retro builds, one minute your are Soaring Angelic and the next you are Fathoming Hell when you hit a glitch, still, these seemingly insurmountable obstacles are there to be overcome…

This particular bogey is perhaps to be expected, my frame is 1994 and therefore on the cusp of the transition to Compact Drive (or MicroDrive if you worked for Sun Tour ) from the long established Standard Drive 5-bolt 110 mm/74 mm BCD.

Me being a dumbass goat didn’t factor this in and blindly specced some nice 110 BCD Syncros Revolution cranks (see pix below), lovingly spent an hour putting together the chainset from a bag of bits, offered them up to the sufficiently long enough BB (118mm where Syncros Revolution’s should only need 117mm), tightened up the Crank O’s and….BUMMER, the rings wanted to eat the chainstay . Overlooking the obvious (well I am a goat ) I showed this to my buddy and we came to the conclusion that the chainstay ‘indent’ (what the hell is the official name for that?) is positioned for Compact Drive 5-bolt 94 mm/58 mm BCD

This was confirmed by offering up a 22/32/42 chainset which fitted nice and snug in the indent with sufficient clearance. So, the search is now on for a very rare beast indeed, Syncros Revolution Cranks in Compact Drive. I’ve only seen two sets for sale in as many years so this could prove a difficult task…..onwards with the search!!

On a plus note I’ve managed to score a wheelset more suited to this build, sure the Campag Mirox were nice but not really EWR material. The current replacement is a set of Mavic 231CD’s on Shimano DX hubs with 7sp cassette.

More build pix coming soon….

EWR Project – Phase One…

I wasn’t going to post live updates of this build, but figured it might be good to look at retrospectively

There’s some real history with this particular frame and it comes with a fantastic story but this will be revealed elsewhere once the build is finished.

This project is a rebuild of a 1994 Eastern Woods Research ‘Original Woods Bike’. EWR is a small company based in Pennsylvania USA who produced three bikes back in the day and then vanished. In the last couple of years they have started back up and now produce ‘modern’ versions of the Original Woods Bike in 26″ flavour as well as some exciting 29er’s and SS frames (www.ewrbikes.com).

This particular frame is from the ‘2nd Batch’ of OWB’s and was made by Bill Grove of Grove Innovations, it features water jet cut rear dropouts and some of the best mitred joints and pierced tubes you will see anywhere. The frame is plain old straight gauge 4130 Cromoly, no butting and weight saving here, this is just brute strength. Anyone who knows EWR’s also knows they are no nonsense, hard riding bikes with their roots in trials and BMX so this build needs to be functional and reliable as opposed to ‘aesthetics and tinsel’, after all it’s going to be hammered round the woods here in England, just what it was designed for. Ideally the build is going to be as Period Correct as it can be but there will be the odd substitution (for example, who would fit a pair of $400 dollar NOS red Shimano DX pedals then thrash it round a muddy forest?)

The only theme with this will be small touches of red here and there to match with the red decals. I’m not revealing the full build here as things may change but if you’ve seen any EWR’s then you’ll know roughly what to expect

Syncros Revolution Cranks (175mm) with Crank ‘O’ Matics, Shimano SG rings (26, 36, 46,) Shimano DX front mech, DMR V8 pedals in ‘Code Red’

Shimano DX rear mech, NOS Shimano DX quick release, Shimano LX 7sp hubs laced to Campag Mirox rims.

Magura HS33 Tomac Hydraulic Brakes, NOS Syncros Hardcore seatpost 425mm

Dig those fat tubes…

I’m already thinking about not using the Campy rims and switching to some Mavic 231CD’s laced to Shimano DX hubs, what do you think?

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