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eBay Out Door #2203

eBay says I completed my 2203rd transaction last week and I’ve sold £27,319.82 ($36004.78) of wares, so why is my house STILL full of junk?

Is it because as fast as unloved hoard pieces get sold they are immediately replaced by the latest object of desire in a never ending loop???…..could be !!

Recent departures….Kona Bash Ring, Worlds Longest Bar Ends (Profile XC Sierra), NOS Ringle Moby

Tip of the iceberg in the mahoosive ‘spares bin’

Kona Bash Ring

Local Rideout – Rowney Warren

Local RetroBike mini-meet @ Rowney Warren (Chicksands)

Kudos to the Overbury’s Pioneer with Rollercams…

Sweetheart of the Rodeo

Sunday was a RetroBike Mini Meet for three Northants members (me, Gruff and GT-Steve). We did two loops in the Salcey Forest area of Northamptonshire, 1 at 9.47miles and a wind down loop of 4.50 miles.

The first loop became massively entertaining when GT-Steve overcooked it on a loose gravelly downhill section and vaulted into a large rocky pothole. What ensued was an arm/leg flailing ‘rodeo’ ride where he managed somehow to stay on the bike and assume control. At the bottom of the descent his seatpost was slammed right down in the seat tube and the front canti’s were nearly torn off 

Loop One: CLICK ME for trip details

Loop Two:
CLICK ME for trip details

The day was quite overcast so these pix were ‘dipped’ into PhotoShop for some tweaks on Colour Saturation…..this, like Steve’s downhill run were a little ‘overcooked’ so apologies for the slightly psychedelic ‘LSD Glow’ to some of the shots

Farm bridge crossing the M1

The M1

Glowing crops…

Mellow Yellow

Whoops…Rodeo damage

The damaged Alpinestars

Gruff’s Kona

1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 3

Not any riding currently going on at GoatSurfer Central, still suffering from dental trauma (with more on the way this coming week )

Some minor updates on my ‘not to be taken too seriously’ Beater project.

The trashed Kona Racelight saddle has been ‘sympathetically’ repaired and I’ve found a stem in the parts bin that will do for now. I reckon I have some old Mavic 231 CD’s that will do for wheels and I’m sifting round for some suitable bars.

DUCT tape repair one…

DUCT rape repair two…

Et Voila

Old Spesh stem

1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 2

Found the original rear mech that came with this bike back in 1991, this badboy has covered at least 10,000 miles and is still going strong

Then I found some spare cranks I had laying around and also an old 36t HyperGlide ring

And last but not least a saddle in……erm…..rather a distressed state

EWR Project – Answer Accu Trax Re-wired…

If you’ve been following this you will recall I wanted to use an Answer Accu-Trax fork on this build. I wanted a rigid EWR and I believe this fork suits the frame well as it has nice chunky legs and is made of the same 4130 Cromoly as the frame, another thing I dig about Accu Trax is having the offset in the dropout as it gives a nicer ‘straight’ look to the forks, as opposed to the alternative which was a Kona Project 2 which have the offset at the crown.

I picked these up from the USA via eBay and got them for a great price as they are 1″. Also they were threaded so I had a bunch of work to do getting these converted to threadless (see HERE FOR DETAILS) . The whole thing is a temporary fix cos the EWR is 1 1/8″ and is suspension corrected so these 390mm forks might drop the front end too much.

Long term I will get the geometry/BB height 100% with a cunning plan….

I got a fellow RetroBike member to strip and repaint them yellow so they matched the frame better, I didn’t leave the frame with him so all he had as a reference was a tiny chip of paint. The result, plus some repro decals is ok for me and when I go for the permanent solution I will leave him the frame so the next set of forks can be matched 100%.

Some progress shots of the work:

Back from Dave Yates Cycles with ahead steerer conversion

Sandblasted ready for repaint

First coat of yellow over white base coat

Finished article with repro decals

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