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Resurrection Joe…

‘I said hep cats, sinners, brats
Suck on this for sunshine
This is the resurrection
Yea, of the good times
I said hep cats, sinners, brats
This is the resurrection
Yea, yea, yea, of the good times…’

No time to play recently but some hastily grabbed time allowed my first love to be rebuilt from the pile of parts that has been thrown in my shed for the last 8 months. It’s a shame to have such a nice bike all broke up so now its back up and running, alive an kicking….maybe one day I will get to take it out for a ride….

No more words….just lots of pictures…..enjoy

It’s Tool Time…

“Does everybody know what time it is?”
It’s Tool Time but sadly I have no “Tool Time girl” to assist me with my duties….

Ok, so there’s a mega ‘Headset switchfest’ due to take place here at Goat Central, here’s the moves, try and keep up

EWR – Switch Chris King Devolution for Chris King Classic (now I have the correct forks..)
M100 ‘Dale – Remove 1 1/4″ Chris King NoLogo (bike being sold)
Funk Pro Comp – Switch non period-correct Chris King Classic for Chris King NoLogo
M700 ‘Dale – Remove remains of WTB Greaseguard headset (bike being sold).

I like to use the correct tools instead of Caveman Techniques when I can so the following weapons will be deployed…Star Nut Tool, Headset removal tool, Headset Press.

Last nights job was the EWR, the current Accutrax have been sold to another collector and I need to convert back to 1 1/8″ headset so I can use my new Accutrax

“More power!”

Brakes off

Magura mounts off

Bars and stem off

Just the pesky crown race to remove

No more riding my EWR for a while

1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 4

Some minor updates on the Beater Project…..got most of the parts now for the brakes, had to go buy some items as I seem to have given away too many Magura parts recently and left myself short . Gear cable outers have now been cut to size and fitted in the cable stops and I’ve found a rough-ish Mavic 231CD/Shimano DX wheelset laying around that will do just fine for this build.
I’m still searching for the crown bolts I put in a ‘safe place’ when I traded some Pace crowns earlier in the year….if the damn things don’t show up I’ll have to source some replacements from someplace. A friend of mine has some tatty old bars that sound just right for this bike, hopefully I’ll get my hands on those soon then I can cable up the one Thumbie, fix up the Magura’s and get them bled. I’m kinda concerned about them stem as it does look to short but we’ll have to see how it rides…

Bike shaped at last

Wot no crown bolts…..

Mavic 231CD’s….Mmmmmmm

1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 1

This is a little ‘side project’ and one that shouldn’t be taken too seriously ok?
There are bigger and (maybe) better things destined for this frameset but for now it is going to be a kind of ‘Parts bin, junk, beater’ build where I’m using up all sorts of crap, some of it tatty old junk, some of it new parts to create a fun 1 x 7 build suitable for my local bike park.

This is a 19″ Saracen Traverse Competition Hydrotech and I bought this bike new in 1991 from the Chesterfield Cycle Center (J.E James of Sheffield, England) for £600 and it was my first proper MTB. I couldn’t afford the exotic Funk in the showroom at Shockwave in Nottingham so this had to do……..it was full DX and originally had Wolber rims, Magura HydroStops, Saracen’s own bizarre oversized handlebars and a 150mm stem . Very quickly I dumped the stem and bars for a Syncros Cattleprod and some Answer Hyperlights and it stayed like this for six years while I rode it every day, putting 200 miles a week on it all year round. In 1997 after thousands of miles on this bike I bought myself a new Pace RC200 F6, gave this to a friend and promptly forgot about it. Fast forward 12 years and I get a call from this guy saying he had found an old white bike frame I’d given him and did I want it, wow….I got my baby back

As mentioned earlier I do have some radical plans for this frame in the shape of a Singlespeed project but this 1 x 7 thing is more of a bit of fun and as a ‘proof of concept’ so its most definitely function over form…..it WILL look ugly and have an odd mix of parts on it

The bare frame (Tange MTB, weighs LOTS!!)

Posh headset for a piece of old crap…

My Crown Race Setting ‘tool’…

Some old forks I had laying around

Taking shape…

EWR Project – Phase Seven – Barbara ann ba ba

Saw Time
So, the Race Face bars were TOO wide so out came Mr Sandvik and I’ve lost 20mm of each end, sanded down the ends and reset the controls. Grips got refitted and some Helicopter Tape applied on the cabled side of the head tube and also on the Syncros Revolution cranks.

Minor tweak on saddle height too so it matches my Pace.

Freshly cut (and out of focus )

You should have seen them BEFORE they were cut!!!

So, you’ve read about using GT-85 and WD-40, Hairspray, water, glue……what about the ‘Zip Tie Trick’? Well, it works a treat. Get two long and strong Zip Ties, feed them down inside the grip, one either side, so the ‘teeth’ side faces the grip….push to get it started, make sure any logos or patterns are lined up how you want them, then ‘ski’ them up using the ties by pulling the ends (for best results ziptie the ties together so you have a ‘handle’). Once they are all the way up, pull harder and the Zip Ties will slide out.

Zip Tricks

Magura HydroStops ‘Bleed Jig’

Magura HydroStops are very cool brakes…..no wait, they are not cool as in ‘hip CNC bike bling’ because they are bulky and most likely heavy (these are the reasons why most folk ‘dis’-like them). In my world which is a practical world where stuff on a bike needs to perform a task and perform it so well it doesn’t need tweaking while you are out on the trail, Magura HydroStops ARE cool
They are VERY powerful, work in the most hideous conditions if you use the right pads and once they are setup correct will carry on for decades.

The real bummer about Magura HydroStops is if you actually break the ‘system’ then you have a whole bunch of work to do. Most will know that they are a ‘closed/sealed’ hydraulic braking system filled with mineral oil and they have a master cylinder at the lever end and a slave cylinder at the pad end, with a connecting ‘bridge’ linking one side of the wheel to the other. Everything links up with tough plastic hose and at every junction there are compression joints using brass olives or bolt up connectors with barbed joints. If you buy a set of Magura HydroStops, hang them on your bike out the packet and just switch pads then your life will indeed be painless and full of smile inducing, aggressive stops, but if you meddle with lots of different bikes, pull HydroStop systems apart to replace parts or extend hoses then you are into the whole dull bleed routine.

Basically you need to pump fresh Magura Blood into the system, make sure no air gets it and fix everything back together but like most things in life the previous sentence was a LARGE understatement

So you check out the documentation that Magura supply….try doing it while the brakes are attached to your bike and sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t. This is also one of those jobs where four hands would make it really easy and….listen carefully Magura……bleed valves that don’t need removing!!

Everyone has their own way to do this task but I’ve settled on using a ‘jig’ to do mine as it solves the gravity problems and it solves the ‘I wish I was an octopus’ problems too.

Take the brakes off the bike, fix them up on a workstand (or fence post) like in the pix below, fill the syringe to maximum, pump fluid through until your air bubbles have stopped and when you remove the overflow at the top get your finger over the hole and get that grub screw in there real fast. Now…..don’t do it up real tight but get it very close, keeping the Allen key in there, then reach down to the syringe and pump more blood through as you are tigthening, this maximises the fluid and prevents any air getting back inside.
Now the top is sealed tight getting the bottom end off is easier and if the fluid level falls slightly just fill up the bleed screw hole with fluid before you screw it back in. Your brakes should now be air free and powerful

Getting jiggy with it

Top end

Bottom end

EWR Project – Phase Three and a half :-)

Not much to report today, ran into several problems that I need to resolve before I go any further

The tyres I had down for this are too big (certainly for the back anyway).
I bought some Mavic/DX wheels from
RetroBike and when I fitted them they were very badly out of true .
So I tried a spare set of Campy/LX rims I had stashed in my shed but these were Presta drilled and all my tubes are Schrader
Also my rear hydraulic hose is about three inches too short so I’ll have to make up some fresh hoseline and bleed the rear brakes.

All this is a drag because I was planning to take it for a test ride this Thursday in my local forest……..you don’t mind while I scream a bit do you?

I’m off to find some Zen like calm (and some more bike parts…..)

My big steel pig is putting on weight

But doesn’t she look cool…?

NOS DX Thumbies and Magura ‘Tomac’

Overcrowded looking Answer Accu Trax

EWR Project – Phase One…Remixed with Bonus Tracks

A Groundog Day update, didn’t I just do all this shit a week ago?

EWR Project – Yard Trauma Compact vs. Standard paranoia story (see below) now put to bed
A quick switch to a 122mm BB cured all the woes. Everything from Phase One has been stripped, replaced and rebuilt, nice clearance now on the chain rings…..my Q Factor looks ok so I won’t end up walking like John Wayne and pedalling like a duck on valium…… The Magura spares I was short on last week arrived in the mail so the rear is complete and the front set are prepped and ready. A sweet Chris King ‘Classic’ headset has just been freshly pressed in and the elusive cable-stop-widget-thing has been attached to the Front Mech so I don’t lose it…..

No chainstay on the breakfast menu today

Fit-Kit graduation….My Q-Factor is ok, is yours? (Macro shot disaster…)

Mmmmmmm Chris King

Jay DeJesus killed my downtube…(I’ll forgive him)

Magura’s with new Cool Stop pads

More Magura

Even more Magura (fronts ready for forks)

EWR Project – Phase One…

I wasn’t going to post live updates of this build, but figured it might be good to look at retrospectively

There’s some real history with this particular frame and it comes with a fantastic story but this will be revealed elsewhere once the build is finished.

This project is a rebuild of a 1994 Eastern Woods Research ‘Original Woods Bike’. EWR is a small company based in Pennsylvania USA who produced three bikes back in the day and then vanished. In the last couple of years they have started back up and now produce ‘modern’ versions of the Original Woods Bike in 26″ flavour as well as some exciting 29er’s and SS frames (www.ewrbikes.com).

This particular frame is from the ‘2nd Batch’ of OWB’s and was made by Bill Grove of Grove Innovations, it features water jet cut rear dropouts and some of the best mitred joints and pierced tubes you will see anywhere. The frame is plain old straight gauge 4130 Cromoly, no butting and weight saving here, this is just brute strength. Anyone who knows EWR’s also knows they are no nonsense, hard riding bikes with their roots in trials and BMX so this build needs to be functional and reliable as opposed to ‘aesthetics and tinsel’, after all it’s going to be hammered round the woods here in England, just what it was designed for. Ideally the build is going to be as Period Correct as it can be but there will be the odd substitution (for example, who would fit a pair of $400 dollar NOS red Shimano DX pedals then thrash it round a muddy forest?)

The only theme with this will be small touches of red here and there to match with the red decals. I’m not revealing the full build here as things may change but if you’ve seen any EWR’s then you’ll know roughly what to expect

Syncros Revolution Cranks (175mm) with Crank ‘O’ Matics, Shimano SG rings (26, 36, 46,) Shimano DX front mech, DMR V8 pedals in ‘Code Red’

Shimano DX rear mech, NOS Shimano DX quick release, Shimano LX 7sp hubs laced to Campag Mirox rims.

Magura HS33 Tomac Hydraulic Brakes, NOS Syncros Hardcore seatpost 425mm

Dig those fat tubes…

I’m already thinking about not using the Campy rims and switching to some Mavic 231CD’s laced to Shimano DX hubs, what do you think?

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