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New but the same…(Blog Migration)

My hosting company are shutting down the Blogware platform this blog used to run on so I’ve been forced to migrate the old blog to their new WordPress platform. This was done yesterday with minimal effort after wading through a 22 page technical document and I managed to export all the old crap and move it over here with no loss…..well maybe some loss (hence this post)

Four years of articles and photo’s came across seamlessely but I seem to have screwed up with my links to other blogs/sites so if I had a link to you on the old blog and it’s not there now it’s not cos I don’t like you anymore, it’s just that they got lost in the ether someplace and are now doomed to be shivvering in cold, black cyberspace for eternity.

So if you actually read this blog and I did link you previously then please hit me up in the comments section and I’ll re-link you 😉

Goat Dude – 2012

Not on Facebook

While the rest of the world whores themselves publicly on Facebook and Twitter I am proud to say I’m on neither and have no plans to ‘drift on over’ anytime soon.

It seems that I am very much in the minority here as even EWR now have a Facebook page…go check them out


Out Door 2011

I already should have sold a bunch of stuff this year but I am super lame with such tasks normally, preferring to indulge in other more exciting projects and hobbies and just ‘talking the talk’ when it comes to ACTUALLY photographing bike parts and selling them

This guy was a REAL super lazy deal. I had stripped my little M1000 Cannondale maybe a year ago and sold off the Manitou III’s and probably a few other bits too and Mr Frame was just hanging up in the Man Cave alongside a bunch of other frames that I keep telling myself I will build and ride one day when out of the blue I got an email via the Goatsurfer website asking about the M1000 and would I consider selling. He was a new member of RetroBike from Germany.

I said “yeah maybe, but I have to remove the stuck M900 brake bushes first” and dithered around for a few weeks before taking some pix and sending them him, along with serial numbers and frame measurements. Time passed and negotiations were about complete then I had to leave the country for a while but guess what, I pulled my finger out my ass and shipped the frame this week and today he landed in Germany…his new home, so look out for a project build on RetroBike sometime in the new year.

Now to get rid of some more crap…..


DeathStar – Part Two

Second and most likely final part of this article. The hardware was put together in a previous post and this part is about setting it all up.

I jumped a couple of steps before I started taking screen shots but basically you plug the box into your network and run the utility on the supplied CD, it finds the box on the network and then you can start configuring it. I chose to have a static IP address for the box as I intend accessing it remotely and also if you only have a few devices on your home network then static IP is neat and tidy.

So here its about to reboot after I gave it a static IP address

You use the Synology Assistant to access the box initially:

Here its formatting its own system partition on the disks

Now the initial config is done it asks you to log in properly

Your newly named and configured NAS box should now show up in the assistant:

Enter the IP address in your web browser and log in !!

Now you can set up your disks and create users:

Two choices on setting up disks, use Quick if you want it all done for you or Custom for manual RAID options

Here I’m using all the disks for one RAID volume

Going for RAID5

Surface check on disks (this will take FOREVER on big disks!!!)

These were my choices, you can pick whatever you like !!

Go find something to do for this bit…it takes a while

About 14 hours later……seriously!!

All up and running, this is the Main Menu with all the stuff this box does

Oh, don’t forget to get the latest firmware update for the DSM

That’s it all finished and ready to use, you can now create shares to backup your other computers or follow the wizards to have an iTunes server or a Mail Server etc.

DeathStar – Part One

I started digitising my life over a decade ago as I could see the way things were going, it started with converting all my music to high quality MP3, drifted into digitising TV recordings, DVD’s, movies etc. etc. I like the idea of having everything in one place, at my fingertips so to speak (via a Remote Control) and also the ability to copy stuff to my car, my phone or my MP3 player as I wished.

As a result of this it was only a matter of time before I reached Critical Mass and I ran out of places to store stuff, that time is NOW

My Media Centre had 4TB of storage (1TB for films, 1TB for TV episodes, 1TB for music/photos and 1TB for recording TV) but the problem was I was running out of space AND it was getting too big to backup……enter Project DeathStar or in plain English – Network Attached Storage

I’ve had to wait a while to do this, mainly because I needed technology to catch up with my wishes, and that was for HUGE hard drives to be invented because what I wanted was something L-A-R-G-E. It needed to automatically backup and synchronise my Media Centre, my PC, my Netbook and two Android phones and still have some space for ‘future growth’ so I splashed for a Synology Diskstation DS411. This thing will do all of the above plus loads of other neat stuff like CCTV, Mail Server, FTP etc.

You buy this thing ’empty’ so you can stuff whatever hard disks you fancy inside it. In my world there is only one hard disk vendor and that is Hitachi Global Storage, they are always at the forefront of product design and their stuff never goes wrong (unlike Western Digital or other crap). I can speak with authority on this because I have personally built several hundred PC’s for corporate use that get spanked 8 hours a day and they are all still working years later.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the techno babble, if you want to find out more about Synology go to their site, they make loads of different NAS solutions to suit every budget.

Here’s some pictures of Part One of my NAS build (Part Two to follow):

Nasty flash shot but I wanted to show you inside

Bags of storage 🙂

Disk Trays

Full of disks

The front panel lights

1 RIFLES Wristband Appeal

I'm not normally one for politics or war but I've been following these guys for several months now and have become sympathetic to their cause after learning a whole bunch about what they are doing out in Afghan both inside the wire and outside the wire by way of official MoD sources and officially sanctioned blogs.

If you want to read something eye opening, emotional and about as real as it gets please read all the deployment posts by RAF Sgt Alex Ford (who thankfully got back alive this week after completing his tour). Lots of soldiers stay inside the wire out there but Alex spent lots of time outside the wire on patrol with the Military Stabilisation Support Team working with the Task Force Helmand Battle Group and his blog posts are heart felt and real.

RAF Airmans Blog

1 RIFLES are currently deployed in Afghanistan on a seven month tour of duty. Casualties are sadly part of the job (the 3 RIFLES Battlegroup lost 30 soldiers and many more seriously injured). Please take a few minutes to read the following pages and support in any way you can.

1 Rifles Support

In memory of the Fallen

GoatCam Live

Lame excuse to update this Blog but here's some hot live goat action:

GoatCam Live

Live until 4th September

eBay Stock Dumping…contd

Clearing more ‘stock’ on eBay…this lot flew off the shelves and into new homes around the planet last week

Answer Manitou 2’s, XT Thumbies and some very rare Pace RC36 Evo Pro Class Limited….gone!!!

The Goats Are Trying To Kill Me…

Social event yesterday………….meet my family:

Insane Goat Posse Take One – Mad Cousin Eddie

Goat Imposter 1

Goat Imposter 2

Insane Goat Posse Take Two – Mad Cousin Eddie Redux

Local Rideout – Rowney Warren

Local RetroBike mini-meet @ Rowney Warren (Chicksands)

Kudos to the Overbury’s Pioneer with Rollercams…

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