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1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 4

Some minor updates on the Beater Project…..got most of the parts now for the brakes, had to go buy some items as I seem to have given away too many Magura parts recently and left myself short . Gear cable outers have now been cut to size and fitted in the cable stops and I’ve found a rough-ish Mavic 231CD/Shimano DX wheelset laying around that will do just fine for this build.
I’m still searching for the crown bolts I put in a ‘safe place’ when I traded some Pace crowns earlier in the year….if the damn things don’t show up I’ll have to source some replacements from someplace. A friend of mine has some tatty old bars that sound just right for this bike, hopefully I’ll get my hands on those soon then I can cable up the one Thumbie, fix up the Magura’s and get them bled. I’m kinda concerned about them stem as it does look to short but we’ll have to see how it rides…

Bike shaped at last

Wot no crown bolts…..

Mavic 231CD’s….Mmmmmmm

1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 3

Not any riding currently going on at GoatSurfer Central, still suffering from dental trauma (with more on the way this coming week )

Some minor updates on my ‘not to be taken too seriously’ Beater project.

The trashed Kona Racelight saddle has been ‘sympathetically’ repaired and I’ve found a stem in the parts bin that will do for now. I reckon I have some old Mavic 231 CD’s that will do for wheels and I’m sifting round for some suitable bars.

DUCT tape repair one…

DUCT rape repair two…

Et Voila

Old Spesh stem

EWR Project – Phase Four

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, have been busy and got a little sidetracked on riding bikes instead of building them

I’m still on the hunt for some NOS Mavic 231’s to lace to the NOS DX hubs I have in transit but in the meantime I’ve switched back to the Campy rims I was playing around with before. They were drilled for Presta but a little encouragement with an 8.5mm drill and now they fit my stash of Schrader tubes.

The idea with this stage of the build is primarily to find out where the bottom bracket height is as I want to re-create the exact ride experience the bike was designed for. As a result of this I have grabbed the first pair of tires that came to hand that are going to be similar in height to the end product. I don’t think it’s quite where it needs to be as it currently measures 12.5″ to center of BB axle and I think the measurement should be to the base of the shell (I’m just checking this out with Kenn and Jay from EWR). I figured I would be about 20-25mm out with these forks anyway so it’s no real surprise.

This is the first time I’ve been able to throw my leg over this bike since I bought it and its great to have gotten this far. I’m part way through setting up the brakes and next on the list after that is fitting the gear cables and chain and taking her out for a test ride

It’s bike shaped Jim, but not as we know it

The sun sets over my yard….my OWB basks for the first time 🙂

EWR Project – Phase Three and a half :-)

Not much to report today, ran into several problems that I need to resolve before I go any further

The tyres I had down for this are too big (certainly for the back anyway).
I bought some Mavic/DX wheels from
RetroBike and when I fitted them they were very badly out of true .
So I tried a spare set of Campy/LX rims I had stashed in my shed but these were Presta drilled and all my tubes are Schrader
Also my rear hydraulic hose is about three inches too short so I’ll have to make up some fresh hoseline and bleed the rear brakes.

All this is a drag because I was planning to take it for a test ride this Thursday in my local forest……..you don’t mind while I scream a bit do you?

I’m off to find some Zen like calm (and some more bike parts…..)

My big steel pig is putting on weight

But doesn’t she look cool…?

NOS DX Thumbies and Magura ‘Tomac’

Overcrowded looking Answer Accu Trax

Karma visits – Kamma Niyama rears it’s head…

Although not adhering to any religion I run my life by my own rules based on how I see the world…..In a nutshell I’m nice to people and I give lots of stuff away, help lots of folk where I can and generally spread the love.

Last week I had a little accident and ran over a 36h Mavic X517 laced to a Hope Ti Glide hub in my car……and I was lucky…..instant death only fell upon the Cook Bros ‘Dog Bone’ Ti skewer and the wheel ‘seemed’ to still be smiling…………..well it wasn’t and it had gotten out of shape, though not by much.

Anyway, I took a trip to a new bike shop that’s not long been opened in Stony Stratford in Buckinghamshire and they guy there jigged up my rim, found the fault and had me ‘true’ within five minutes. When I asked “How much?”, he says “No charge”

How cool is that? In truth he recognised me from another LBS he used to work at but I don’t know him and only used to go in there maybe once a year, he also happened to have built these wheels last year too.

Anyway, big up to Alan at Twenty3c, he runs a great bike shop and is a VERY accomplished mechanic and wheelbuilder…..please check them out if you are in their area.

5-6 Swinfens Yard,
High Street,
Stony Stratford,
Milton Keynes,
MK11 1SY

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