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Splitty for UtahDOG!

Hello interweb buddy in Florida this is for you…

Fire up your Super Villain Mainframe computers at One Utahdog Center and search the Interwebs for more info on Wayne Allman’s 1965 VW Splitty ‘Recovery Truck’ Mental Breakdown…..this thing RIPS

8.4 litre Keith Black Hemi V8 running on Methanol, shortened Top Fuel chassis….circa 2000 BHP 🙂

(@Photographers: If I have ganked your pix please let me know and I will credit you)

Mental BreakdownMental BreakdownMental Breakdown

Dragstalgia 2014

Summertime, time, time,
Child, the living’s easy.
Fish are jumping out
And the cotton, Lord,
Cotton’s high, Lord, so high.

Also high this weekend was the level of Nitomethane in the air at Dragstalgia 2014, Santa Pod Raceway.

Now in its fourth year this annual homage to Vintage Drag Racing took place over a scorching July weekend and I was in my element….old enough to remember seeing most of these cars 30 years ago at this exact same Drag Strip this was history come back to life and I loved it 🙂

Highlights for me were 1970’s Funny Cars, Nitro burning Gas Altered’s and a large contingent of 1941 Willy’s but there was also lots of other classic hardware either on the strip or in Show & Shine.

No more talk, here’s some pictures…

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