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EWR Project – Phase Eleven

So, where were we…….?

Ok, yeah, about a month ago I had just got my NOS Accutrax back from the paintshop and then all hell broke loose at home, so I’m picking up where I left off…

My friendly neighbourhood decal man had mailed me a bunch of repro decals a while back so task one was to get the new forks ‘decalled up’. I opted for black screen print onto a single clear sheet this time instead of pre-spaced lettering on a clear sheet as they are more robust, especially on the outside edge of a fork, plus I got two sets so I have a spare to use later when ‘trail damage’ trashes the first set.

Fatty & Skinny – 1″ and 1 1/8″ Accutrax

New decals

Spot the difference…

Decals now on, the next task was fitting the Chris King crown race to the forks, this was done using my custom made ‘Crown Race Setting Tool’

Perfect fit, ready for the EWR frame now…

It’s Tool Time…(Contd)

There’s a bunch of ‘heavy’ stuff going on at Goat Central, hence the lack of Blog posts but here’s a quick update on the continuing ‘Tool Time’ post from a few weeks back .

The second task on that list (M100 ‘Dale – Remove 1 1/4″ Chris King NoLogo (bike being sold)) is now complete and I have this beautiful 3DV King No-Logo headset back in the spares box. Harsh economic times says sell this badboy but my heart says I should keep it stashed as locating another one of these would cost $$$ if I ever have another 3DV project

1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 3

Not any riding currently going on at GoatSurfer Central, still suffering from dental trauma (with more on the way this coming week )

Some minor updates on my ‘not to be taken too seriously’ Beater project.

The trashed Kona Racelight saddle has been ‘sympathetically’ repaired and I’ve found a stem in the parts bin that will do for now. I reckon I have some old Mavic 231 CD’s that will do for wheels and I’m sifting round for some suitable bars.

DUCT tape repair one…

DUCT rape repair two…

Et Voila

Old Spesh stem

1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 1

This is a little ‘side project’ and one that shouldn’t be taken too seriously ok?
There are bigger and (maybe) better things destined for this frameset but for now it is going to be a kind of ‘Parts bin, junk, beater’ build where I’m using up all sorts of crap, some of it tatty old junk, some of it new parts to create a fun 1 x 7 build suitable for my local bike park.

This is a 19″ Saracen Traverse Competition Hydrotech and I bought this bike new in 1991 from the Chesterfield Cycle Center (J.E James of Sheffield, England) for £600 and it was my first proper MTB. I couldn’t afford the exotic Funk in the showroom at Shockwave in Nottingham so this had to do……..it was full DX and originally had Wolber rims, Magura HydroStops, Saracen’s own bizarre oversized handlebars and a 150mm stem . Very quickly I dumped the stem and bars for a Syncros Cattleprod and some Answer Hyperlights and it stayed like this for six years while I rode it every day, putting 200 miles a week on it all year round. In 1997 after thousands of miles on this bike I bought myself a new Pace RC200 F6, gave this to a friend and promptly forgot about it. Fast forward 12 years and I get a call from this guy saying he had found an old white bike frame I’d given him and did I want it, wow….I got my baby back

As mentioned earlier I do have some radical plans for this frame in the shape of a Singlespeed project but this 1 x 7 thing is more of a bit of fun and as a ‘proof of concept’ so its most definitely function over form…..it WILL look ugly and have an odd mix of parts on it

The bare frame (Tange MTB, weighs LOTS!!)

Posh headset for a piece of old crap…

My Crown Race Setting ‘tool’…

Some old forks I had laying around

Taking shape…

EWR Project – Phase One…Remixed with Bonus Tracks

A Groundog Day update, didn’t I just do all this shit a week ago?

EWR Project – Yard Trauma Compact vs. Standard paranoia story (see below) now put to bed
A quick switch to a 122mm BB cured all the woes. Everything from Phase One has been stripped, replaced and rebuilt, nice clearance now on the chain rings…..my Q Factor looks ok so I won’t end up walking like John Wayne and pedalling like a duck on valium…… The Magura spares I was short on last week arrived in the mail so the rear is complete and the front set are prepped and ready. A sweet Chris King ‘Classic’ headset has just been freshly pressed in and the elusive cable-stop-widget-thing has been attached to the Front Mech so I don’t lose it…..

No chainstay on the breakfast menu today

Fit-Kit graduation….My Q-Factor is ok, is yours? (Macro shot disaster…)

Mmmmmmm Chris King

Jay DeJesus killed my downtube…(I’ll forgive him)

Magura’s with new Cool Stop pads

More Magura

Even more Magura (fronts ready for forks)

Give it to me hard and rigid baby….

In 1997 Pace designed the F6, it was another iteration in a long line that went back to the RC100 in 1988/89. That year they also brought out the RC36 Pro Class suspension fork, probably the best suspension fork ever designed by Pace. Supposedly it matched the frame (in that the frame was suspension corrected for this fork) but I have always thought that is was slightly on the long side (axle to crown – 450mm), making the front end light/twitchy.

So…..boredom and experimentation reared it’s head and I ripped off the RC36’s on my F6 and replaced them with a second generation RC30 (axle to crown – 400mm) and the bike rides so much better. Obviously the ride is harsher, Pace’s are a hard ride anyway, let alone fixing them up with a fully rigid front end

The RC30’s look very nice on the frame too, due to their chrome plating and go nice with my King Ti headset

Yes I know my hoses need trimming….

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