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Fat Bike caught on Electric Fence NSFW

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Fashion Victim

I got a semi when these first came out a year or so ago but £140 when I had a perfectly functional Xen Giro was a little strong even for little old trigger finger me so I pretended it didn’t exist and got on with my life.

Fast forward a year or and Chain Reaction Cycles dangle a 50% discount offer in front of me right on top of payday so in two seconds flat I thought “That’s nice, it matches my EWR perfectly” and BOOM I pulled the trigger…

Now I just need to actually get around to riding the bike again (I will consider this motivation).

Look out for a bright yellow bastard pedalling Pennsylvanian Steel in a wood near you soon…


Troy Lee Designs A1 - Gloss Yellow

Troy Lee Designs A1 – Gloss Yellow

Road Bike Party 2 – Martyn Ashton (YouTube epicness)

Wow….check this out…..a serious threat to Danny MacAskill and all this on a Colnago C59 Italia

Not on Facebook

While the rest of the world whores themselves publicly on Facebook and Twitter I am proud to say I’m on neither and have no plans to ‘drift on over’ anytime soon.

It seems that I am very much in the minority here as even EWR now have a Facebook page…go check them out


Fat Larry says Zoom…

The master plan has slipped timescale wise but it’s still intact….the Quiver IS being thinned out and I am gonna ‘Roll a fat one’ (so to speak), the fattie in question wears some REAL big rubber and when I say big I mean B-I-G.

A cyberbuddie of mine from the UK was out in Nevada recently with some spare luggage allowance and he agreed to bring one of these back for me (and one for himself) as at the time they were rare in America and totally unavailable in this country. (It’s not needed just yet but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity )

This is the Surly Larry, a front specific tyre for ‘you know what’ , the ‘other’ tyres are available here but they don’t really cut the mustard up front on a  ‘you know what’

Check out this fattie…….

I know I could have cleaned the Syncros beer glass (its only used to store decals in though) but I wanted something to show the sheer size of this bad boy…

(cue Acme Rolf
Harris accent
“Can You Tell What it is Yet?”


Get your Tits out…..

I’ve been sitting on this for a week out of courtesy but now that Jay is waving these around on his site I guess its safe for me to show these neat pix….I hope so anyway

Eastern Woods Research have not only resurrected the EWR E-Motion Race but they’ve done it in Ti and as a 29er

One sole 26″ E-Motion Race exists in Ti and belongs to Mr Ed but now the legendary ‘Emo’ will soon be available to mere mortals who like 29ers.

I don’t personally own a 29er but I’ve ridden one and it was better than expected to be honest so these would be high on my list if I was seeking one out.

Keep an eye on EWR for more news

Sneak pix of some nice Tits

Back From the Grave – Saracen Kili Flyer

If you were into MTB’s in the UK back in the 1980’s then no doubt the name Kili Flyer will bring back misty eyed memories of a long forgotten iconic steed.

Well, I had an email from Simon Wild at Saracen today and he tells me they are re-launching the Kili and its going to be Fillet Brazed Tange Prestige and built around a modern 120mm fork. There’s not much info around so far but Singletrackworld have some pix available here:

It certainly has a nice clean look to it, the bike will be available in either SLX or XTR flavours when it hits the streets.

Picture – Copyright 2009 Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine

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