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Sunday Road Ride – Feel the pain…

Trying to build up the quads so took a painful road route yesterday on my Pace, It’s Loop Three on my personal list of stuff near to where I live that I can ride from by front door with no driving involved. The route runs into Rockingham, through Caldecott to Uppingham and up to Rutland Water in Rutland then back home.

Some boring facts…Rutland is the smallest County in the UK I believe and measures only 18miles by 17 miles, has only two towns and perhaps the coolest of all, its the only County in the entire United Kingdom with no McDonald’s restaurants

There’s some serious gradients on this route, the worst being in the last 10 minutes of the ride where the road passes Rockingham Castle, the climb runs from 171ft to 446ft in 0.87 miles and had my heart trying to punch its way through my ribcage like Alien

I really should have a road bike but they suck so this was done on a Pace RC200 F6 with 2.1 mud tyres

Them hills

Rutland Water

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