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I know I am not supposed to buying, I am supposed to be selling but…………sometimes things come along that you just HAVE to have and some of these are just that, the rest are ‘just in case’ purchases (well, a man can’t have too many items of M650 DX laying around can he?……).

First things first, we have a NOS M650 DX Rear Mech in the most handy Long Cage version…just a ‘spare’ you know….

Secondly we have a used M650 DX Rear Mech, again in Long Cage flavour and great for spare parts or fitting to a beater.

Thirdly and getting cooler by the minute we have a set of Syncros Revolution cranks in Compact Drive……about bloody time too as I have spent embarrassingly large amounts of time trying to track one of these badboys down for my EWR and this will be among the final pieces of the jigsaw required to complete that project. They are missing a few items which is a bummer cos I’ll have to rob them from some of other sets of Revolutions but maybe I can live with that……just

Ok, now these ARE special. Firstly they are Answer Accutrax in 1 1/8″ flavour, something I have been hunting for since this time last year and only found these in California back in November. It took a while to piece the deal together but they have now arrived in the UK and I can set to work getting them ready for my EWR.

Maybe the cooler part of this story is these are technically NOS and…..wait for it…..hand made by Chris Herting only last year .

The story goes that he found a bunch of Accu Trax legs laying around in some dusty storage facility and word got out, he figured there might not be much demand but rumour has it the demand was HUGE and he set about making them up in ‘custom’ variations. This set have passed thru a couple of collectors hands before arriving at Goat Central but believe me, you can still smell the ‘new metal’ smell and they are spotless.

Naturally I will be sending these to my trusty painter soon to get them matched to my yellow EWR before getting them decalled up and fitted on the bike…..these are so cool and I am so pleased I finally got a pair

The tide has turned…

There’s been way too much ‘Goods Inwards’ over the last 2 years and My Cup Runneth Over as they said in the Hebrew Bible so, three months later than planned the first items have left the Goat Shed

This week this lovely Syncros Cattleprod quill stem left my ‘stores’ where it has sat untouched since I bought it back in 2007….’just in case’ (). The neat thing is this….the guy I bought it from three years ago was looking for one last week on RetroBike so I sold it back to him .

There’s a big bunch of top drawer parts soon to be leaving the Goat Shed in the next few weeks, including bike frames, 2010 is the year of the cull

Frank, it’s a Revolution…

Todays post is just for my ‘virtual Buddy’ Frank who lives in Canada and is a lover of vintage Canadian bike components, as is yours truly!!

I owe him some information and am famously slow at performing tasks like this so I figured, surprise Frank and also do a little piece on these, my most favourite of vintage MTB cranks. The Revolution Crank first showed it’s face in the 1991 Pro-Series Component Group (as far as I can remember) and it stayed around for several years with Syncros eventually making Road and Compact Drive versions. Material wise the early Revs were made from tubular Columbus Nivacrom and weighed 400g, which at the time was pretty damn light. Later on they were constructed from Tru Temper OX4 and tipped the scales at 410g.

The cranks were cold forged at 125 ton pressure which was supposed to make the metal even harder and stronger.

Syncros Cranks are either loved or hated, after all they are rather bland and boring looking when compared to something bright and garish like Kooka trash or Grafton etc, but they do the business and are very strong. They don’t look good on every bike but are a good match for any early Rocky Mountain, Brodie, Offroad Toad etc and they also look kind a neat on my EWR

For some unknown reason the value of these has gone sky high in the last year or so and its not uncommon for these to change hands on eBay for insane money, in fact a NOS set sold in Germany with the elusive Crank ‘o’ Matic crank bolts for nearly £400 just after Christmas 2009.

I am lucky to have three pairs of these, well in fact when I started typing this post I only had two pairs but I’ve just received news on closing a deal for a third pair so I now have two pairs in Standard Drive (110bcd) and one pair in Compact Drive (94bcd)

So, Frank….to get back to you, here are some pix for you, take note of the inner chainring bolt pix. The bolt is 14mm long by the way, let me know via RetroBike if you need any more info

RetroBike Thetford Meet – 13th February

22 RetroBike riders braved the weather for the first official RetroBike Anglian Area meet on Saturday, lots of cool retro machinery on display and getting used properly.

I had a great time but my fitness is off (again) so the day ended with tired legs for me, the EWR rode like a dream and no technical issues and the SDG Ti Comp Kevlar was very comfortable. (In fact it looks so similar in profile to the Flite that I really must take some precise measurements to compare them).

Here are some pix from Saturday, all taken with my new Panasonic Lumix TZ6, there is many more pictures from me and other riders over at RetroBike in THIS THREAD

Nice Grello

Is it a Transformer? Is it a scaffolding experiment?….no its a Cockroach!

Orange Elite

Day Glo alert

Call Me The Breeze

Pork Pie


Name those parts

Yeah right….

Honey, will you pass the lube?

Call me old fashioned or maybe even call me wrong  but I’ve been using GT85 to lube my bike chains since the early 90’s, somebody back then must have told me it was a good idea…

Anyway it seems things have moved on in the lube world quite a lot since then so its time to get with the times.

One of my riding buddies (Chris) talks highly of Rock ‘n’ Roll lubes, specifically Extreme Chain Lube which is some strange, gloopy blue stuff so I thought I’d give it a go so the Rohloff SLT-99 has had a nice bath in the stuff and tomorrow i’m off to some really shitty (mudwise…) forest down in Suffolk that has some nasty gritty sandy soil that really gets into the chain and mechs so this will be a good test!

Man sized, Extreme lubrication

So, once the chain had a birthday I gave the whole bike a check over and paid some attention to something that many people leave untouched….the saddle clamp.

If you think about it this is an important piece of kit, you have your ass sat on it for long periods of time but it gets blasted with crap off the trail and probably doesn’t get cleaned real well. So I stripped mine down, coated all the threads and brass inserts with Anti-Seize Compound, put a big bunch more on the rail clamps and put it all back together again….nice smooth bolts and no more creaking Ti rails

Cleaned and greased Syncros clamp

As the Flite Ti was taken off the bike to clean up the saddle clamp I figured I’d swap in the SDG Kevlar Ti Comp that I got from the USA, I’ve been curious about these (as mentioned in a previous post on here). To be honest the profile doesn’t look much different from a Flite but its gonna stay on for two big forest rides tomorrow so I’ll report back later…

Nice rails

So the bike is more or less ready for tomorrow, just gotta get some air in the tyres… this space for a ride report over the next few days

Shot down in the night…

Back on topic with a bike related blog post after all this Home Cinema stuff getting in the way, been trying to amass a bunch of stuff to sell recently but had to score these couple of items when they were dangled under my nose.

SDG Comp Ti Kevlar – I’ve always been a Ti Flite man but my curiosity has been aroused by my ‘virtual EWR buddy’ Utahdog‘s obsesession with these things so I thought I’d try one out. It arrived last week fresh from Florida but so far I’ve not had time to mount the thing and try it out, maybe this will get done for this coming weekends RetroBike forest ride.

Pic gratuitously stolen from Utahdog

Another thing I’ve had on my Hitlist for ages is an original 1st Generation Answer Alumilite DH bar and I had all but given up looking when one cropped up in Germany, complete with the all important ‘golden shims’. I had it mind this would look neat on my EWR but in hindsight it might not look so cool as its bare aluminium and everything else on the bike is currently black. These bars have the most amazing wall thickness and weigh an absolute ton

Recycled ‘Dale – End of an era…

Buddha said ‘Everything changes, nothing remains without change’ and how right he was!

My Cannondale M1000 has been sat in the shed fixed to a Turbo Trainer for about 12 months now, I’ll never ride it on the trails again as it was too small and it’s bristling with expensive/desirable parts which is pointless on a Turbo Trainer so it’s time for it to go

This year I’m ‘thinning the herd’ and concentrating on stuff that I will actually ride and enjoy and all the other ‘junk’ that’s laying around is going to follow the same path eventually. I’ve got my eye’s on ‘something else’ (), that WILL get used and theoretically will be bags more fun (watch this space….)

My M1000 in its former glory

Mid way thru the strip

That 2p trick employed again to stop scratching the Pro Series bars

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

First proper Sunday ride since Xmas so I thought I’d make it a good one, headed out of town and across to Geddington to ride Clay Dick, then over to Fermyn Woods, then Aldwincle, Lyveden Way, Bear Gate Track and home.
Clay Dick is an old Byway that links Geddington to Brigstock and possibly the site of a Victorian Brickworks (hence the clay reference…). Anyway usually the top end is virtually unpassable, with the trees hanging so low over the trail that in some places you cannot even push a bike through……except this time the Byway had been ‘repaired’.

By ‘repair’ I mean they have bulldozed the whole thing flat, about 40 feet wide, ripping out all the trees, bushes, rabbit and foxholes and turning it into a mile of sticky wet clay that will take months to settle
So I rode as much as I could until my EWR stopped working and my feet started to look like Swamp Thing and then I carried my bike for 3/4 a mile

I fought my way to Brigstock and crossed thru Fermyn Woods which was another, barely rideable shitfest before aborting the ride near Sudborough

Wildlife count for the ride was still good, four or five Red Kites (all eluded my camera sadly), 5 fairly big deer in Fermyn Woods and six Llama’s…..yeah It’s true, although they could have been Alpaca, Clovius Hoofus isn’t my area of expertise

Nice beginnings

Mud stops Play…

Magura ‘Mud Magnets’…wheel locked

‘Repaired’ trail – The Long Walk

Mud Magnets Part 2



World SPD Stamping Championships 2010

For a year or so now my riding buddies have been extolling the virtues of SPD’s and trying to sell the idea to me, you see, I still live in the world of the Toeclip so I can’t see the sense. I never fall off my bike, never have much trouble ‘getting in’ to my toeclips and to be honest, in recent months I’ve gone back to flat pedals with no clips at all.

Yesterday was what turned out to be a large RetroBike meet at Thetford Forest, the largest lowland Pine Forest in Great Britain, down in deepest Suffolk with 22 riders attending. Also present in large quantities was snow and ice…..LOTS of it, which, much to my amusement, seems to be THE Achilles Heel of SPD pedals

The tranquil, picture postcard ‘snowscape’ scenery was shattered by the sound of dozens of MTB riders furiously stamping on their frozen/useless SPD’s, wobbling and dabbing the ground…hence the title of this blog post

Joking aside a great day was had by all during the two sub-zero rides we did yesterday……some pictures:

Chin Wag

Art Haus

Wobble Fun

Watching the ‘Bomber Kidz’

Snow Road

All Along The Watchtower

Iced Mech

Xntrick Machinery

Alien Sunset

More pictures and words can be found HERE

Thetford Forest Ride – Primordial Shitfest

Main Entry: penis en·vy
Pronunciation: -“en-vE
Function: noun
: the supposed coveting of the penis by a young human female which is held inpsychoanalytic theory to lead to feelings of inferiority and defensive or compensatory behavior.

Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

…a little twist on this:

Main Entry: 29er en·vy
Pronunciation: -“en-vE
Function: noun
: the supposed coveting of a 29″ bicycle by a man which leads to feelings of inferiority and defensive or compensatory behavior by owning a 26″ bicycle when the fact dawns on him he has just been ‘outgunned’ by superior technology…, NEVER try and keep up with someone on a 29er, especially when you are on an early 90’s fully rigid 26″ MTB

It was like a Roadrunner cartoon….Jango was off into the distance, casually pedalling while still seated, as if he was on a genteel Sunday amble. I was Wile.E. Coyote (Pure Genius) pedalling crazily like a schoolkid on a BMX, bouncing off tree roots, slipping all over the trail, vibrations from the trail jarring my body, repeatedly looking down at my gears as if there was something wrong or about to fall off…..there wasn’t, I was just riding ‘Old Tech’ and the 29er, as horribly modern and soul-less as it is, this was was the superior machine on the day… was like trying to follow a Cruise Missile in downtown Bagdad (remember the Speederbike chases in Star Wars?)

Thetford was cold and wet but the sun was out and the clouds had gone, only two of us turned out for the smallest Mini-Meet in history. Thetford Forest’s trails had turned into Primordial Ooze… was a Shitfest of the highest order, gloopy brackish slimey puddles, slippery trails and a cold wind but it was great riding. We did most of the Dusk Till Dawn route, plus some of the Black Route and The Beast in the morning (12 miles) then back to Brandon for Macaroni Cheese and unedible Bread Pudding before hitting the trails again after lunch, our bottom brackets feeling like someone had packed them full of sand and refitted them and our rear mechs complaining bitterly about all the gritty shit they were being force fed

The afternoon was a shorter 7 mile route on the Visitor Center side with some great flowing Singletrack.

A brilliant days riding, cold wet legs and some very dirty bikes!!

Dangerous times?…Health & Safety paranoia

Shitfest got my EWR – Part 3

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