EWR Project – Phase One…Remixed with Bonus Tracks

A Groundog Day update, didn’t I just do all this shit a week ago?

EWR Project – Yard Trauma Compact vs. Standard paranoia story (see below) now put to bed
A quick switch to a 122mm BB cured all the woes. Everything from Phase One has been stripped, replaced and rebuilt, nice clearance now on the chain rings…..my Q Factor looks ok so I won’t end up walking like John Wayne and pedalling like a duck on valium…… The Magura spares I was short on last week arrived in the mail so the rear is complete and the front set are prepped and ready. A sweet Chris King ‘Classic’ headset has just been freshly pressed in and the elusive cable-stop-widget-thing has been attached to the Front Mech so I don’t lose it…..

No chainstay on the breakfast menu today

Fit-Kit graduation….My Q-Factor is ok, is yours? (Macro shot disaster…)

Mmmmmmm Chris King

Jay DeJesus killed my downtube…(I’ll forgive him)

Magura’s with new Cool Stop pads

More Magura

Even more Magura (fronts ready for forks)

  1. Super nice bike. I almost bought an EWR new back in “the day” – should have.
    As you probably already know, EWR is making frames once again.

  2. Thank you for your comments….these are ace bikes. Fully aware about the 'new' EWR. The EWR staff are regular visitors to this blog as this actual bike has some serious historical importance for them (all will be revealed in time….)

  3. NICE! šŸ™‚
    grtz Bas

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