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Forgive me Father for I have sinned…

Just to set the scene….I am NOT what we call here in the UK a Boy Racer, I don’t tear-ass around racing people and ripping my tyres up like a testosterone filled kid but every once in a while I seem to screw up just a bit and get caught going ever so slightly faster than I should.
So in the UK we can have up to 12 Penalty Points on our Drivers License and after you hit the magic 12 you get banned from driving for 12 months (usually). There’s a bunch of different stuff you can do to accumulate these points, the more serious, the more points and if you want to see the full gamut then take a look here

So I managed to collect two of these guys over the last five years on something called an SP30 (Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road) and each time they fined me £60 ($99 in February 2014) and presented me with 3 points – So I had 6.

The points stay on your license for 4 years after which they get removed so my current two are in an overlap kind of situation and the oldest of the them is due to come off in September, but here’s the kicker…

01:01 AM a week or two ago I am driving back from a Monster Magnet gig and fail to spot an Average Speed Check Zone….I cruise through 95% of it at the required legal speed of 30mph but hit the gas in the last 100ft and boost the car to 44mph, blissfully unaware I had just triggered one of those new Siemens SafeZone Camera’s that are starting to spring up around the UK.

A week later the letter dropped through my letterbox and guess what, I had got another SP30 but this time the fine was £100 ($166) and I now had 9 points on my license, scarily close to 12 and Game Over.

I now have to drive like an old lady for at least the next six months until 3 points come off my license and make NO MISTAKES and to make sure I splashed for a Road Angel Gem+

This gizmo is connected by GPRS permanently and gets live updates every few minutes about EVERY single camera location in the UK and for total backup has a built in Laser Detector (not that you can survive such things really…) and this guy will squawk, holler and flash at me when I’m within 500ft of any camera, just in case I am not paying attention. So its a bunch of money to save my bacon for being such an asshole in the first place.

I may post up some further stuff about the device later in the year if its worthy of mention…

Road Angel Gem+

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