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Out Door 2011

I already should have sold a bunch of stuff this year but I am super lame with such tasks normally, preferring to indulge in other more exciting projects and hobbies and just ‘talking the talk’ when it comes to ACTUALLY photographing bike parts and selling them

This guy was a REAL super lazy deal. I had stripped my little M1000 Cannondale maybe a year ago and sold off the Manitou III’s and probably a few other bits too and Mr Frame was just hanging up in the Man Cave alongside a bunch of other frames that I keep telling myself I will build and ride one day when out of the blue I got an email via the Goatsurfer website asking about the M1000 and would I consider selling. He was a new member of RetroBike from Germany.

I said “yeah maybe, but I have to remove the stuck M900 brake bushes first” and dithered around for a few weeks before taking some pix and sending them him, along with serial numbers and frame measurements. Time passed and negotiations were about complete then I had to leave the country for a while but guess what, I pulled my finger out my ass and shipped the frame this week and today he landed in Germany…his new home, so look out for a project build on RetroBike sometime in the new year.

Now to get rid of some more crap…..


Recycled ‘Dale – End of an era…

Buddha said ‘Everything changes, nothing remains without change’ and how right he was!

My Cannondale M1000 has been sat in the shed fixed to a Turbo Trainer for about 12 months now, I’ll never ride it on the trails again as it was too small and it’s bristling with expensive/desirable parts which is pointless on a Turbo Trainer so it’s time for it to go

This year I’m ‘thinning the herd’ and concentrating on stuff that I will actually ride and enjoy and all the other ‘junk’ that’s laying around is going to follow the same path eventually. I’ve got my eye’s on ‘something else’ (), that WILL get used and theoretically will be bags more fun (watch this space….)

My M1000 in its former glory

Mid way thru the strip

That 2p trick employed again to stop scratching the Pro Series bars

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