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I know I am not supposed to buying, I am supposed to be selling but…………sometimes things come along that you just HAVE to have and some of these are just that, the rest are ‘just in case’ purchases (well, a man can’t have too many items of M650 DX laying around can he?……).

First things first, we have a NOS M650 DX Rear Mech in the most handy Long Cage version…just a ‘spare’ you know….

Secondly we have a used M650 DX Rear Mech, again in Long Cage flavour and great for spare parts or fitting to a beater.

Thirdly and getting cooler by the minute we have a set of Syncros Revolution cranks in Compact Drive……about bloody time too as I have spent embarrassingly large amounts of time trying to track one of these badboys down for my EWR and this will be among the final pieces of the jigsaw required to complete that project. They are missing a few items which is a bummer cos I’ll have to rob them from some of other sets of Revolutions but maybe I can live with that……just

Ok, now these ARE special. Firstly they are Answer Accutrax in 1 1/8″ flavour, something I have been hunting for since this time last year and only found these in California back in November. It took a while to piece the deal together but they have now arrived in the UK and I can set to work getting them ready for my EWR.

Maybe the cooler part of this story is these are technically NOS and…..wait for it…..hand made by Chris Herting only last year .

The story goes that he found a bunch of Accu Trax legs laying around in some dusty storage facility and word got out, he figured there might not be much demand but rumour has it the demand was HUGE and he set about making them up in ‘custom’ variations. This set have passed thru a couple of collectors hands before arriving at Goat Central but believe me, you can still smell the ‘new metal’ smell and they are spotless.

Naturally I will be sending these to my trusty painter soon to get them matched to my yellow EWR before getting them decalled up and fitted on the bike…..these are so cool and I am so pleased I finally got a pair

Frank, it’s a Revolution…

Todays post is just for my ‘virtual Buddy’ Frank who lives in Canada and is a lover of vintage Canadian bike components, as is yours truly!!

I owe him some information and am famously slow at performing tasks like this so I figured, surprise Frank and also do a little piece on these, my most favourite of vintage MTB cranks. The Revolution Crank first showed it’s face in the 1991 Pro-Series Component Group (as far as I can remember) and it stayed around for several years with Syncros eventually making Road and Compact Drive versions. Material wise the early Revs were made from tubular Columbus Nivacrom and weighed 400g, which at the time was pretty damn light. Later on they were constructed from Tru Temper OX4 and tipped the scales at 410g.

The cranks were cold forged at 125 ton pressure which was supposed to make the metal even harder and stronger.

Syncros Cranks are either loved or hated, after all they are rather bland and boring looking when compared to something bright and garish like Kooka trash or Grafton etc, but they do the business and are very strong. They don’t look good on every bike but are a good match for any early Rocky Mountain, Brodie, Offroad Toad etc and they also look kind a neat on my EWR

For some unknown reason the value of these has gone sky high in the last year or so and its not uncommon for these to change hands on eBay for insane money, in fact a NOS set sold in Germany with the elusive Crank ‘o’ Matic crank bolts for nearly £400 just after Christmas 2009.

I am lucky to have three pairs of these, well in fact when I started typing this post I only had two pairs but I’ve just received news on closing a deal for a third pair so I now have two pairs in Standard Drive (110bcd) and one pair in Compact Drive (94bcd)

So, Frank….to get back to you, here are some pix for you, take note of the inner chainring bolt pix. The bolt is 14mm long by the way, let me know via RetroBike if you need any more info

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