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The Goats Are Trying To Kill Me…

Social event yesterday………….meet my family:

Insane Goat Posse Take One – Mad Cousin Eddie

Goat Imposter 1

Goat Imposter 2

Insane Goat Posse Take Two – Mad Cousin Eddie Redux

Mr K’s Day in the Peaks – RetroBike Meet

Mr K’s Day in the Peaks came around again for another year and despite initial scepticism about numbers, around 23 vintage MTB’s turned out for the 22 mile ride in Derbyshire’s Peak District. A good day was had by all and no serious injuries were incurred. I took my Pace RC200 as it seemed the perfect choice for the terrain, plus my EWR wasn’t quite ready

The Pace has Gore RideOn cables to keep all the mud and shit out, excellent brakes and 22-32-42/11-32 gearing for all them big hills
It got ridden hard all day, getting airborne more times that I would have liked and ridden over large rocks, tree roots, loose gravel, streams and anything else that got in the way.

Lots of comments and pix can be found HERE and some great photo’s can be found HERE.

Below are a few pix of my Pace in action…

Nearing the end of the climb to the Radio Mast near Brough (Gus, me, Mark and Ned)

Amphibious Pace….

Meet the local wildlife

Mam Tor heading for Hollins Cross

Jaggers Clough

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