Speed King…..not!!

I’m a speed king you go to hear me sing
I’m a speed king see me fly

If you are
in the UK then you might well have heard of
BT 21CN, this is where
BT are finally putting some massive investment into UK telecoms by
changing their Core Network.

To minions like me it means the possibility
of 24mb DSL in my house as equipment in BT Exchanges get switched to the new network. Further down the line they will be putting Multi-Service Access Node’s into PCPs (in plain English this means the green street cabinet (PCP) that your phone line currently connects to  will get its own mini DSLAM (broadband equipment) and hooking these back up to the Exchange with fibre (FTTC) and then finally there will be fibre to the home (FTTH) where you might need to go get a funky new router or at the very least have BT come and fit you a new linebox as you will have 100mb internet in your house!  (this last bit could take a while with BT )

If what I just wrote above doesn’t make sense here is a nice picture explaining how FTTC will end up

Image Copyright – BT Openreach ©

This is a ‘new style’ DSLAM enabled PCP – If you see one getting fitted in your street its good!!

I’ve been with my DSL provider Zen Internet forever, they might not be the cheapest but they are without doubt the best ISP in the UK, that’s why I’m still a subscriber

So I’ve seen speeds go up over the years but have been ‘stuck’ on 8mb ADSL2 (ITU G.992.4) for ages now so I got real excited when they asked me if I wanted to be on the priority list for a free ‘Regrade’ to ADSL2+ (ITU G.992.5), this is supposed to take me from 8mb to 24mb (if the line quality is good and the line length is short) and will get me on the first step of BT’s 21CN

I said yes, waited for a bunch of time and finally this week the regrade took place, a few tweaks to my Router/Firewall later and here I am on BT 21CN.

Sadly even though I am very close to my exchange I cannot seem to connect any faster than 8667kbps and my bRAS Profile is flapping between adsl8000 and adsl7150. It is getting slowly better though as before the weekend it was adsl6000 so my current maximum download speed has gone from 6000kbps to 7150Kbps

So I never got my 24mb ‘Speed King’ internet connection…..back to waiting


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