Wonky is not Shonky

Orbital Wonky

There is a God….and he likes a bassline 🙂

Many of us shed more than a tear when the Hartnoll brothers hung up their Oberheim Xpanders and Alesis sequencers in 2004 and told the world they were splitting up, we sat huddled round our stereos listening forlornly to Snivilisation and Orbital 2 like we had just lost something great.

In 2008 a ray of hope brought smiles to our faces when 20 Years After Chime happened at The Big Chill. Promising murmuring then carried on for several years until Loopz posted news of another album…

Fast forward to 2nd April 2012 and Wonky hit the streets to the joy of eager fans. It could have gone either way but although there is some clever adoption of contemporary genres such as Dubstep (an unexpected move to these ears), but don’t forgot the current generation of clubbers were probably not even born when Chime took dancefloors by storm in 1989. The innovative ‘Orbital Sound’ is very much still there and after a couple of spins this is a very strong album indeed, Stringy Acid had me smiling ear to ear and nodding my head like Flat Eric in my car as the windows rattled to the bassline.

At first I was dubious about the Electro and Dusbtep twists, never before have the Hartnoll brothers done anything other than lead by example but I think it actually works very well and stops it sounding too retro and derivative, they were right and I was wrong…

The expectation was huge but Wonky delivers on all fronts

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