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Cussing and critique-ing the EWR ‘Cable-stop-noodle-widget-thing’ and then inviting the EWR boys to look at my Blog was probably not a smart move but as a result I now have the answer from Kenn at EWR himself….and it makes perfect sense

from    Kenn <*****@*****.com>
to    ********<*******@*****l.com>
date    11 August 2009 17:33
subject    Re: Watch this (EWR) space….

Hi ****,
That is really cool!  You know, I had totally forgotten about the
cable stop thing-a-ma-bob for that generation of frames!  Glad you
found one though.  We used that thingy because we didn’t want to run
the cables underneath the bottom bracket.  There were two reasons for
1. We do a lot of winter riding here in PA, and that obviously
means snow and ice.  Bikes of that era that the cabling went under the
BB were prone to having the cables freeze.  Not a lot of fun
2. We were trials riders and bashed the hell out of our BB’s with
rocks and they would have certainly been smashed at some point or


Keep at it, I really like the follow along.
Kenn Rymdeko
EWR Bikes, LLC

Keep coming back Jay and Kenn….any progress will get revealed here…

Feel free to comment :-)

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