High Time

The Heron Tower at 100 Bishopsgate is 230 metres (755 ft) tall and has a massive 70,000-litre aquarium containing over 1,200 fish in the Reception area on the ground floor.

I was there for work purposes and didn’t have a camera so shot these pix on my Android phone. It has 46 floors and I was only on Floor 17 when I shot these pix

Sadly one of London’s most noticeable landmarks ‘The Gherkin’ (30 St Mary Axe) was on the other side of the tower to me so couldn’t get any shots of that. I intend to go back to visit the Sky Bar on the 40th Floor and shoot some proper long exposure night stills across London with my 40D…


‘That fish tank’ (end on)

Room with a view (17th Floor)
The ‘L’ shaped building with the relatively low roof at the 9 O’Clock position is Liverpool Street Station, one of the busiest stations in the United Kingdom

‘That fish tank’ (shot taken by someone else and ganked from the internets)

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