Karma visits – Kamma Niyama rears it’s head…

Although not adhering to any religion I run my life by my own rules based on how I see the world…..In a nutshell I’m nice to people and I give lots of stuff away, help lots of folk where I can and generally spread the love.

Last week I had a little accident and ran over a 36h Mavic X517 laced to a Hope Ti Glide hub in my car……and I was lucky…..instant death only fell upon the Cook Bros ‘Dog Bone’ Ti skewer and the wheel ‘seemed’ to still be smiling…………..well it wasn’t and it had gotten out of shape, though not by much.

Anyway, I took a trip to a new bike shop that’s not long been opened in Stony Stratford in Buckinghamshire and they guy there jigged up my rim, found the fault and had me ‘true’ within five minutes. When I asked “How much?”, he says “No charge”

How cool is that? In truth he recognised me from another LBS he used to work at but I don’t know him and only used to go in there maybe once a year, he also happened to have built these wheels last year too.

Anyway, big up to Alan at Twenty3c, he runs a great bike shop and is a VERY accomplished mechanic and wheelbuilder…..please check them out if you are in their area.

5-6 Swinfens Yard,
High Street,
Stony Stratford,
Milton Keynes,
MK11 1SY

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