Chilly Willy

I spend a lot of time in my car which I guess is why I’m so attached to it, one of the worst culprits for this is the 128km daily commute to work which I try and mix up by taking different routes from time to time and always having several hundred albums available to listen to.

Right now the UK is going through a Cold Snap and I was thinking “why do I live in this cold ass country?”, I should move to California or Mexico or Spain…..anywhere where they don’t get crap weather.

So as today’s journey went  along I took to taking cellphone camera pix of the outside temperature gauge in the Astra….-7.5 when I left home, soon plummeting to -8.5 a few km down the road but the winner, 48km down the road was this badboy:

Brass Monkeys
Brass Monkey’s as they say here….!!! (US readers check that link for translation LOL!)

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