A Sprinkling Of Clouds

So you have your Synology NAS box setup with all your goodies on it, then you realise you could also backup all your junk from your Laptop, PC etc. to it as well (which is a good idea).

I’ve been doing this for years but using Synology Data Replicator 3 but running it in sync mode and triggering it manually. As good as it is it’s not as elegant as another Synology solution called Cloud Station.

This is what they sell as ‘Hit Save, and It’s Everywhere’:

If you own multiple devices, Cloud Station is perfect for you to have files synced automatically to all of them. Your work will always be up to date among Mac, PC, and mobile devices. Files are always accessible via web and Cloud Station folders on your local computers.

  • Maximum file size: sync files of up to 10GB size
  • Enjoy speedy file transfer when your client device and DiskStation are in the same local area network (LAN)
  • Get mobilized: use the free mobile app, DS cloud, to have your files stay in-sync on mobile devices, even for offline viewing

So, semi snowed in and bored this weekend I set about setting up..

Start by creating a backup account for each device you want to backup to the NAS

Then create Shared Folders for each of the locations you want backed up

Then go and enable Cloud Station.

Add the users you created earlier in Privileges

Go into Sharing in Cloud Station and share out the Shared Folders you created earlier (yes its dumb but you have to do it twice…)

Then install the Windows Cloud Station Client on each PC you want backing up, pick the account you created for the relevant folder sets and point them to the right place on your PC. The folders have to be empty to start with for some stupid reason so in my case I created a ‘FolderName2’ for each of the folders I wanted to sync, moved everything into them, pointed Cloud Station at the original folders that I wanted synching and then moved everything back into them afterwards.

Then site back and wait (several days in my case) for everything to sync across to the Synology NAS.

Oh and it eats a bunch of CPU while its doing it 🙂

Cloud Station Client will just sit in your system tray once everything has done an initial sync and anytime you change stuff on your PC it will get synced across to your NAS automatically.

Cool eh?
It would be perfect if it didn’t have a maximum file size of 10GB (so basically all my big BluRay files don’t get backed up automatically but I can live with that…..I think)

Feel free to comment :-)

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