EWR 1 – GoatSurfer 0

These new platform pedal things are still something of a novelty to me, I’m still stuck in 1990 using PD-M735 (XT flatties) and toe clips

I’ve heard the phrase ‘getting tattooed by your pedals’ and scoffed at it……..well the V8’s on my EWR did more than tattoo me last week, the damn things gnashed my shins up real good . I know there’s not much skin on your shins but those deep grooves in the pic below go almost down to the bone, thankfully with no pain though.

The cause: Riding slowly uphill on a forest trail, in the wet, in the wrong gear and trying to manual off a tree root……in the pitch black

  1. had the same thing happen trying to tailtap for the first time. mine was all the way to the bone though, with a pretty painful bone bruise to boot. i was told that i was lucky that the pedal didnt hit 2-3 inches higher or i would have shattered my knee cap!

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