1 x 7 Beater Project – Pt 3

Not any riding currently going on at GoatSurfer Central, still suffering from dental trauma (with more on the way this coming week )

Some minor updates on my ‘not to be taken too seriously’ Beater project.

The trashed Kona Racelight saddle has been ‘sympathetically’ repaired and I’ve found a stem in the parts bin that will do for now. I reckon I have some old Mavic 231 CD’s that will do for wheels and I’m sifting round for some suitable bars.

DUCT tape repair one…

DUCT rape repair two…

Et Voila

Old Spesh stem

  1. Just looking at your seat repairs. For an (almost) permanent repair that looks much better than duct tape try using shoe goo. You can get it in black (e-bay), about £4 a tube

  2. Thanks for the tip 🙂
    This entire build is meant to be a bit of a joke though, using really rough parts where I can, hence my ghastly repair.

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