Voyage d’affaires

Work took me to Paris for two days recently and in between the endless business meetings was a whistle stop 'route march' tour of some of Paris' tourist attractions while we went looking for food and wine one night.

Picture quality is atrocious as they were not only taken on a BlackBerry but also at gone 9pm at night and while walking (fast) trying to keep up with the CEO, but I still thought they were of sufficient interest to post up here as the architecture in Paris is amazing…..hope you agree

Pavillon de Marsan (Palais des Tuileries)

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Pyramide du Louvre (Palais du Louvre)

Pavillon Mollien (Palais du Louvre)

Cadenas d'amour on Pont des Arts footbridge

Notre Dame de Paris

Pont Saint-Michel

Le Boss

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