1 RIFLES Wristband Appeal

I'm not normally one for politics or war but I've been following these guys for several months now and have become sympathetic to their cause after learning a whole bunch about what they are doing out in Afghan both inside the wire and outside the wire by way of official MoD sources and officially sanctioned blogs.

If you want to read something eye opening, emotional and about as real as it gets please read all the deployment posts by RAF Sgt Alex Ford (who thankfully got back alive this week after completing his tour). Lots of soldiers stay inside the wire out there but Alex spent lots of time outside the wire on patrol with the Military Stabilisation Support Team working with the Task Force Helmand Battle Group and his blog posts are heart felt and real.

RAF Airmans Blog

1 RIFLES are currently deployed in Afghanistan on a seven month tour of duty. Casualties are sadly part of the job (the 3 RIFLES Battlegroup lost 30 soldiers and many more seriously injured). Please take a few minutes to read the following pages and support in any way you can.

1 Rifles Support

In memory of the Fallen

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