DeathStar – Part Two

Second and most likely final part of this article. The hardware was put together in a previous post and this part is about setting it all up.

I jumped a couple of steps before I started taking screen shots but basically you plug the box into your network and run the utility on the supplied CD, it finds the box on the network and then you can start configuring it. I chose to have a static IP address for the box as I intend accessing it remotely and also if you only have a few devices on your home network then static IP is neat and tidy.

So here its about to reboot after I gave it a static IP address

You use the Synology Assistant to access the box initially:

Here its formatting its own system partition on the disks

Now the initial config is done it asks you to log in properly

Your newly named and configured NAS box should now show up in the assistant:

Enter the IP address in your web browser and log in !!

Now you can set up your disks and create users:

Two choices on setting up disks, use Quick if you want it all done for you or Custom for manual RAID options

Here I’m using all the disks for one RAID volume

Going for RAID5

Surface check on disks (this will take FOREVER on big disks!!!)

These were my choices, you can pick whatever you like !!

Go find something to do for this bit…it takes a while

About 14 hours later……seriously!!

All up and running, this is the Main Menu with all the stuff this box does

Oh, don’t forget to get the latest firmware update for the DSM

That’s it all finished and ready to use, you can now create shares to backup your other computers or follow the wizards to have an iTunes server or a Mail Server etc.

Feel free to comment :-)

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