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Fork Gathering…

‘Stock Checking’ tonight revealed a glut of forks stashed at Goat Central so why not dig them out for a little group shot….its nice seeing just over a decade of fork design layed out before your eyes too….Answer Accu Trax from 1988 and RC36 Pro Class Ltd Edition from 1999

Give it to me hard and rigid baby….

In 1997 Pace designed the F6, it was another iteration in a long line that went back to the RC100 in 1988/89. That year they also brought out the RC36 Pro Class suspension fork, probably the best suspension fork ever designed by Pace. Supposedly it matched the frame (in that the frame was suspension corrected for this fork) but I have always thought that is was slightly on the long side (axle to crown – 450mm), making the front end light/twitchy.

So…..boredom and experimentation reared it’s head and I ripped off the RC36’s on my F6 and replaced them with a second generation RC30 (axle to crown – 400mm) and the bike rides so much better. Obviously the ride is harsher, Pace’s are a hard ride anyway, let alone fixing them up with a fully rigid front end

The RC30’s look very nice on the frame too, due to their chrome plating and go nice with my King Ti headset

Yes I know my hoses need trimming….

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