Fork Gathering…

‘Stock Checking’ tonight revealed a glut of forks stashed at Goat Central so why not dig them out for a little group shot….its nice seeing just over a decade of fork design layed out before your eyes too….Answer Accu Trax from 1988 and RC36 Pro Class Ltd Edition from 1999

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  1. What is wrong with the decals on the yellow forks, they look back-to-front?

  2. Well spotted, one side are on upside down 🙂
    Forks are soon to be sandblasted though…

  3. so nice of you to sell me the Syncros fork 😉

  4. 🙂
    I think maybe most will be for sale but not the Syncros….I need that for my Rocky Mountain 😉

  5. Hey there, got an accutrax fork for sale? I'm doing a restoration of my '91 Yeti but I have no fork. Well actually I've got a first edition Manitou suspension fork but rigid would be sweeter.

  6. Not any more I'm afraid, one set are now sold and the other set on a bike……sorry

  7. Any of these forks left? I am looking for a Accutrax or Syncros type.


  8. are those manitous for sale?

    • I’m fairly sure I sold them on eBay or RetroBike a while ago. They were sweet too, freshly rebuilt with new internals.

  9. Hey Billy goat! Just wondering if you have had experienced repainting the accutrax? I just got a beat up set with an atac stem that needs to be blasted and painted pink to matchup with bike… Just wondering about sand blasting them, painting and finding proper decals.. Thanks!

    • Hi,
      Both sets were sandblasted and resprayed. The yellow ones were black and threaded when I got them, I had them converted to threadless, sandblasted and painted yellow. The black ones I had sandblasted and painted yellow, they are noe on the EWR.

      GilM from RetroBike did me replacement decal sets, he does two sorts, individual letters (on a backing sheet) and a clear ‘all in one’ decal. I now use the all in one decals as individual letters get knocked off easily out on the trail.

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